Lemon Angel Abunai Video TV 1


VHS, 40 minutes, 6800 yen
released 1988.07.01

The video opens with the Lemon Angel girls washing their hair. They are only wearing a towel.

This video is set like a TV show, with the three girls as the hosts. Tomo was wearing a blue and yellow checkered short sleeve shirt. Miki was wearing a red and white striped jacket, and hat. Erika was wearing a blue long sleeve sweater.

First, they showed a music video of the Lemon Angel first CDsingle "Daiikkyuu Ren'aizai" (第一級恋愛罪). This video clip has the girls sleeping, dancing, acting.. They wear pajamas (just a dress shirt ^_^;), sailor fuku, leotards. VERY nice!
[This song is a Japanese version of "Love in the First Degree" by Bananarama.]

Next they showed some of the Lemon Angel anime. The first one was a date simulation game of Erika, and the second one was Danjo Futari Fuyu Monogatari, featuring Miki.

Then the girls read some letters from viewers. The one Erika read was very ecchi.. The guy wrote that he stopped the Lemon Angel video on Erika, dropped his pants, jerked off, and came on Erika's face (the TV screen). He said he always got an erection when he saw Erika. Tomo and Miki screamed, "Ecchi!" The guy even drew a picture of himself doing this..
[nothing mosaiced out]

The next corner was the abunai quiz corner. The three girls all said a word, with the voice turned off, and the viewers had to read their lips and guess what they said. The answer will be given in the next volume. It was three sounds.
My guess is 1) something ending in "i", 2) "n", 3) "ko".
I'm sure they tried to make it like "chinko", but it's some other word.

Next they played a video clip that gave a self introduction of the three girls. Emoto Miki, 18 years old; Sakurai Tomo, 16 years old; and Shima Erika 17 years old. It had the girls wearing various outfits: sailor fuku, towel (washing hair), pajamas, tennis outfit.

Next they had the abunai konto (skit) corner. The three girls acted, and they made fun of Lemon Angel mania.

Then they did an audio drama, while showing some still drawings. The voice was done by Miki and some guy.

Then they showed another Lemon Angel anime, Akai Hikari no Densetsu Dai 2 Shou Ankokujou no Himitsu.

They they played a video clip of "Lemon Hakusho", a slow song. The three girls were wearing sailor fuku in this video.

The ending song was Tasogare Lonely.

The Lemon Angel members are Sakurai Tomo (桜井智), Shima Erika, Emoto Miki.

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