Lemon Angel Abunai Video TV 2

レモンエンジェルあぶないビデオTV (2号)

VHS, 40 minutes, 6800 yen
released 1988.09.02

The video opens with the girls doing pushups. Erika and Miki gave up, but Tomo kept going. Not "real" pushups, half pushups.. (^_^;)

This video was recorded at a public recording event. Tomo was wearing a pink sweater, Miki was wearing a blue sweater, and Erika was wearing a yellow sweater.

First they showed a music video of "Tokyo Rose 88", Lemon Angel's second single.

They showed a Lemon Angel anime, Hoshi no Butoukai, featuring Miki.

Next was Tomo no abunai jikkenshitsu, where Tomo would do dangerous things. They showed a video of Tomo going to a park and talking to strangers. She sat down next to a young business man and started talking to him. She even said, "Let's go eat lunch," and the man got up to go with her..

The next corner was "abunai kuchipaku" (dangerous lip sync). They gave the answer to the previous one, "kinko", and there were only two people who were correct. There were many who thought "chinko".. (^_^;)

Next was "Erika-sensei no abunai hokenshitsu" (Doctor Erika's dangerous doctor's room). Erika was wearing a white doctor's outfit, and acted like a doctor toward the camera.

Then they showed a Lemon Angel anime, GT Natsu Shounen.

The next corner was "hazukasii shashin corner" (embarrassing pictures). Tomo, Miki, and Erika all showed pictures of when they were little.

Then they showed some video clips of the Lemon Angel Virgin Concert, which took place on 6/19.

Next there was a video of a short skit by Miki.

Finally they showed a Lemon Angel anime, Lemon Hakusho.

The Lemon Angel members are Sakurai Tomo (桜井智), Shima Erika, Emoto Miki.

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