Love Hina Final Selection

[DVD] Love Hina Final Selection

Released 2001.09.05
4800 yen
2 disks:
1) 32 minutes, 1 side 1 layer
2) 101 minutes, 1 side 2 layer

Disk 1 contains a summary episode of the TV series. At the end are trailers for the christmas and spring specials.

Disk 2 contains video from Love Live Hina in Tokyo Bay N.K. The seiyuu who appeared at this concert are: Ueda Yuuji, Horie Yui, Asakawa Yuu, Noda Junko, Yukino Satsuki, Kurata Masayo, Kobayashi Yumiko, and Takagi Reiko.

First press comes in an outer plastic sleeve. Inside is a booklet, DVD case, and three postcards.

The booklet is titled Love Hina Process. This contains a character summary and relationship chart, a brief episode guide, kiss comparison, and a full staff listing for the TV episodes, specials and OP.

Inside the DVD case is a leaflet, one side lists the sequence of events at the concert, the other side listing the original episodes used in the summary episode.

[information provided by Mackerel, 2001.09.08]

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