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  • Tomizawa Special Live '94 Voice

    Special Live '94 Voice

    Nippon Columbia COLC-3158
    5800 yen
    released 1995.??.??

    60 minutes

    The contents are as follows.

    1. Voice
    2. I Know You -Yume no Naka de Atteru-
    3. Naughty Boy
    4. URA-HARA
    5. Hello
    6. Aka ga Suki
    7. Sailor Moon Medely
      • Moonlight Densetsu
      • Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiokyo
      • Watashi no Hito
      • Otome no Policy
    8. Route California
    9. I Wanna Be Your Energy
    10. Just Love One Love World Love
    [comments by Howie Voigt]

    I would say that this is my favourite seiyuu live video yet. Michie moves and sings as though she was made to be a singer and not a seiyuu. Many seiyuu videos I've seen look just what the name implies, a seiyuu attempting to make a music video. This one breaks away from that and really feels like a genuine concert.

    The best songs I would say are Voice, Aka ga Suki, Sailor Moon Medely (a must see for SM fans), Route California, I Wanna Be Your Energy and Just Love One Love World Love. The best of all is Just Love One Love World Love, this was my favourite song off of the Live CD and the version on the LD does it justice. Michie get so emotional while singing this song, you can even see tears streak down her face.

    Michie also goes through several nice wardrobes, including a madonna-like, black, sexy outfit, a wedding dress, a red jacket with black pants, and a beautiful, blue dress.

    Also the LD comes with a 2-page 2-colour booklet of pictures from her Live event on Christmas 1994. Part of the insert reads, in English, "I shall never give my dream up, as long as you are here to lead, talk, and sing with me. Lots of love - Thank you - Love always, Michie Tomizawa."

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