Secret of Moldiver

Secret of Moldiver


[Japanese version]
[English version]
16 min, subtitled VHS, PIVA-1224S
15 POP points, $10 retail value
(Pioneer says they might sell POP merchandise at some point)

[information by Kenny Toh]

Summary: This is a nice video tape which gives more details on the world of Moldiver. There is a live segment featuring Nogami Yukano ("Mirai") but it is much too short to satisfy seiyuu fans. This tape is, however, subtitled, so it is easy to understand. Recommended for Moldiver fans only.


7 secrets of Moldiver (~14 min)
This is a 14 minute animation clip on the Moldiver world and its characters. Most of the animation is from the Moldiver series, but there is some new animation explaining the source of the power of the Moldiver suit. There is also some amusing bantering dialog/insults between the 2 main characters Mirai and Hitoshi.
Moldiver opening song (sung by Nogami Yukana)
Brief appearance by Nogami Yukana (~2 min)
Nogami Yukana, the voice actress of Mirai, makes a brief appearance and talks to the director Mr Kitazune about the progress of the OAV series. She also makes a brief announcement on behalf of Pioneer about the upcoming release of the 1st video. Yukana is dressed in a long-sleeved white sweater, a short green skirt, with a black scarf draped loosely around her neck.
Scene from 1995 San Diego Comic Convention
Cosplay Moldiver 2 is lifing the Pioneer exec producer Mr Taro Maki off the floor.

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