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  • Osakana Penguin TV

    おさかなペンギンTV (おさかなペンギン)

    Pony Canyon PCVP-51703, PCLP-00564
    CAV, 1 side
    color, 30 minutes, 4900 yen
    released 1995.09.06

    This is a music video collection by the seiyuu group Osakana Penguin, containing the same songs as the Osakana Penguin CD.

    1. Okashi na Paradise
      Kikuko and Junko are wearing the osakana penguin costumes, a blue long dress for Kikuko, and a pink tuxedo and hat for Junko.
    2. Yasashii My Home Town
      (優しい My Home Town)
      Kikuko and Junko are dressed as cow girls! Junko's skirt is short, and Kikuko's skirt is long. The song is slow in general, but there is one fast part, and Junko dances.
      They use some red lighting in parts of this. This blocks the view!
    3. Slow na Koi no Monogatari - made in love -
      (スローな恋の物語〜made in love〜)
      Kikuko and Junko are dressed as rock'n roll girls. Junko's skirt is short, and Kikuko's skirt is long. Kikuko has her hair up in a pony tail.
    4. Utaeru Hoshi ga Arunara Yukuno
      Kikuko.. (@_@)
      Junko is in a white skirt, with a white sleeveless blouse. She has a translucent overblouse, which covers her arms entirely, but only down to her midriff. She's got on long boots, just below the knees.
      Junko is wearing some broken pc (printed circuit) board or something as a necklace.
    5. Ginga no Legend
      Kikuko and Junko are wearing white dresses. They just sit on a wooden bench (which gets pulled up into the air) and sing the song.
      Junko's eyes are watery because she is afraid of heights, and she was very scared. To make things worse, Kikuko loves high places and was enjoying it, making Junko even more scared. (^_^;)
    6. Osakana Penguin no Theme
      Kikuko and Junko are wearing the osakana penguin costumes. They mix in short video shots ("making of") from the other songs.
    7. ED
      The ending credit follows Kikuko and Junko after they had just finished Utaeru Hoshi ga Arunara Yukuno.

    This video comes with a booklet containing some pictures and text talking about the group Osakana Penguin.

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