Precious Time 2

Precious Time 2 (Kasahara Hiroko)

4500 yen
released 1994.??.??
CLV, 1 side, 43 minutes

[information provided by Charles Calkins]

The cover is the same layout as Precious Time 1, only the background is green and the rectangles are red. It has the same picture of Hiroko. The back shows several stills from the concert, plus gives the full track listing in Japanese.

The tracks are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Amewa Yamanai
  3. Cinema Freak
  4. Itsuka Kitto
  5. Sayonaraga Kuretanowa
  6. Tokubetsuna Asa
  7. Taisetsuna Jikan
  8. Kimio Wasurenai
  9. Closing

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