Ren'ai no Sainou (Yokoyama Chisa)

κǽ (Һ)

Pioneer PILA-1258, PIVA-1033
3800 yen
released 1994.07.25

[information provided by Yuchou Hu]

This is the first and so far only music video collection of Yokoyama Chisa. She was in the process of getting her teeth straighten out when this was made. In this, she looks better than in Voice Actor 30 but not as good as in TenchiMuyo Live 94.

1. Natsu ga Kita! Natsu ga Kita!
First Chisa walks around a beach in white shorts then skirts. Then she plays in the pool while resting on a floating mat. This is a decent song sung with her cute voice.
2. Me ha Kuchihodo no Koi Janai
There are a lot of B/W clips showing Chisa doing things like reading and picking out pictures. The video shows her singing to a mike in a recording studio. A nice and soft song.
Himawari Hatake no...?!
Chisa goes everywhere in this. The video starts with her waking up in bed and then her playing in a garden. Switching back to indoors, she is seen as she puts on her makeups. Back to the outside, she tours around with a group of people and then somehow ends up on a huge coral tree near the beach. The video ends with a nice shot of her silhouetted against a golden sunset on a beach of palms.
4. Ren'ai no Sainou (Tenchi Muyou 1st OAV series ED)
Chisa plays the Sasami Love Love Adventure video game. Anime footage from Tenchi Muyou is used extensively. Computer graphics of Sasami and Ryouoki are superimposed on the anime shots. The goal of the game is to end up with Tenchi.
5. Boku ha Motto Pioneer (Tenchi Muyou 2nd OAV series OP)
Chisa dances with Ryouoki with computer generated background.
6. Uruwashi no DUCK
Basically making of footages for this video. In this, we see that she is in fact dancing in front of a blue screen for song 5. Blue then is replaced with the computer graphics.

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