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  • Girl's Travel -Dream Date in Nikkou-

    Girl's Travel -Dream Date in Nikkou-

    released 2019.05.01
    5000 yen+tax

    This was a travel DVD by Kudou Haruka (ƣ) and Hata Sawako (»).

    There was around 80 minutes of video, and the contents were as follows.
    • opening
    • Tobu World Square
    • lunch
    • Fuki Glass Taiken
    • Ichigogari
    • ending
    • [omake] dinner time
    • [omake] pajama talk
    The first pressing of this DVD also came with a 48 page, all color photobook.

    Sawako said that it was her first time in Nikkou.

    The first 20 minutes of the video were shots from Tobu World Square. There were 1/25 scale buildings of famous world buildings. It was cold (with snow still on the ground) but the weather was pretty good.

    Sawako and Haruka went to Egypt. They looked at the pyramids, which was covered by show, and the sphinx. Then they went to Europe.

    During their visits, they were given a "mission", where they had to say lines like they were on a date.

    Then they went to the Japan area, and looked around a littel. Then they became hungry, so they went to a restaurant to eat. They showed some video of them eating too.

    The next 20 minutes of the video was in a glass studio called "Ponte". They each did some glass blowing, and they made a glass cup.

    The next 20 minutes was in Nikkou Strawberry Park. They picked and ate strawberries.

    At the end, they went to Tobu Nikkou Station and said good-bye.

    There was also a 20 minute omake video, which had 2 parts.

    The first part of the omake was Sawako and Haruka eating dinner, the night before the actual video. They said this was the first time they ate dinner together, even though they meet each other almost every week. They ate and talked for about 10 minutes.

    The second part of the omake was "pajama talk". They were wearing pair pajamas that Sawako had bought. They said they usually don't wear pajamas when they sleep. They usually wear t-shirts.

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