It's Say You volume 2

It's Say You volume 2

VHS: Columbia, COVC-4614
1980 yen
released 1995.10.21
60 minutes

Shiina Hekiru (she does not appear in the video.)
Yao Kazuki (Owner of shop)
Tange Sakura (Part-time waitress)
Fukami Rika
Matsui Naoko
Tomizawa Michie
Yajima Akiko
Koyasu Takehito
* The above are the main characters in this volume.

Hidaka Noriko
Mizutani Yuko
Hayashi Nobutoshi
Itou Miki
Kanemaru Junichi
Nogami Yukana
Midorikawa Hikaru
* The above are the characters in volume 1.

Matsumoto Yasunori
Taoka Jun (Okada Junko)
Takenouchi Minako
Nishikawa Hiromi
Hiyama Nobuyuki
Nakayama Manami
Ono Ayako
Suzuki Mariko
Ohmoto Makiko
Toyoshima Machiko
Yamaguchi Kappei
* The above are the characters in volume 3.

Video clip
Kamiya Akira and Hisakawa Aya

[summary by Yuchou Hu, with help from Yutaka Sasagawa]

Yao opens up his bar just in time to meet Tange who was trying to find a particular store introduced by friends. After describing the store as having bad food, lousy wine and an H boss, she discovers that it is Yao's shop. Being partial to cute girls, Yao hires her anyways. They get ready for the crowd. The first two guests are Fukami and Matsui, followed by Tomizawa and Yajima. As they drink and chat, Koyasu comes out of the toilet. Apparently he may have been there since the previous night. They talk about work, interest, first love (when, who) and so on.

OnePoint lessons on voice acting are given by casts from vol. 3. (The four guys, and all the "young" girls.)

Casts from vol. 1 talk about what they wanted to be and their lives before they became seiyuus.

The ED, like vol.1, is Voice by Tomizawa. There are promotional short music videos of Kamiya Akira and Hisakawa Aya.

Some personal information about the seiyuus are below:

Yao Kazuki
born Jun 17
favorite color: any color
interest: boating
favorite food: egg rolls from Philippines
Tange Sakura
born Mar 24, blood type O
favorite color: blue, white
favorite spoken phrases: Purasu shikou (think positively)
wants to do the voice for a protector of justice (seigi no mikata)
favorite food: egg, seafood, any dessert
Matsui Naoko
born Apr 4, blood type A
favorite color: gold
favorite past anime: Gatchman (cried)
favorite spoken phrases: Gattsu! (Guts!)
wants to do the voice for an ANGRY cute girl.
collection: gold things
Fukami Rika
born Aug 8, blood type B
favorite color: pure white
favorite past anime: Alp's shoujo Heidi, Gunbuster
interest: travel
looks up to Tomizawa-sama and Matsui-sama.
favorite food: Japanese candy
Tomizawa Michie
born Oct 20, blood type A
favorite color: white
favorite past anime: Gatchman
favorite spoken phrases: Ai! (love)
wants to do the voice for a character like the people from the Grave of the Wild Chrysanthemum.
collection: cute lingerie and golf wear
Yajima Akiko
born May 4, blood type B
favorite color: white, black, red, grey
favorite past anime: Laputa
favorite spoken phrases: Jinsei raku arya ku mo aru sa. (In life, there is happiness but there is also suffering.)
interest: stroll, interior design(?)
wants to do the voice for a grown woman and a handsome young man.
Koyasu Takehito
born May 5, blood type A
favorite color: black
interest: line up 777's in a pachinko game (or slot machine)
wants to do the voice for a very evil man who is handsome and cool
favorite food: toufu

At the end, Fukami talks about her new album, and Matsui mentions that her photo-and-essay book will come out in the fall.

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