Starting Legend Dash

Starting Legend Dash (̾ؤ)

Sony SRLM-474, SRVM-474
CLV, 57 min, 4800 yen
released 1995.10.21
recorded at Omiya Sonic City, 1995.05.09.

[information provided by Yuchou Hu]

Tracks 1 and 12 are slow songs whereas the rest are quite pop-like. I'm bowled over by track 11 and 12 of this one and spent the last 2+ hours transliterating track 11. Sad to say that despite that, understanding of that track is quite incomplete (much respect for translators). Some of her moves on stage are plain ugly, but most are very suitable to the individual songs. She is really bouncy on stage, combining the cute costumes of Aya in Aya Mail 3 and the energy of Michie's Voice. Her voice has improved quite a bit since the Hummingbird Nekkyou no Hadaka Eve concert in 1993 and can now hit the high notes.

1. "Setsunai Egao" (Night Version)
A slow tempo rendition of this bouncy song, very nice.
2. Prologue
B/W footage of Hekiru getting ready. She talks about her feelings before the concert.
3. "Kuusou Metro"
Pony tail, blue dress and black stocking.
4. "Never Never"
5. Mini Chat
Welcome remarks by Hekiru.
6. "2 cm no Setsunai"
7. "Kougeki wa Saidai no Bougyo"
8. "T.R.Y"
9. "Kiss ga Tarinai"
10. "Shoujo Bakudan"
11. Mini Chat
A woman in the audience yelled, "Hekiru-chan, Yokatta yo!" as Hekiru comes on the darkened stage. Only Hekiru is illuminated as she addresses the audience: (a loose translation skipping a few lines)

Since my 2nd album came out, many things have happened. I've been singing for one year, one year already. Now the 3rd album is out, a year after my solo debut. I have strived to not give in to my weakness, with support from lots of people, people who have, behind the scene, silently and gently cared for me. These are my family, friends, staff, fans who wrote, and you who have come here today. Whenever I feel like giving up, remembering people who say that they try their best, I am picked up and give my best. (People shouting "Ganbare!" as her eyes begin to fill with tears) These encouragements will never be forgotten. The thought of returning the courage and energy you have given me is always on my mind. (Tears streaming down) Thank you very much. This last song, for everyone and the staff, from my heart to you...

12. Nani mo Dekinakute"
A beautiful slow ballad. She broke down near the end and could not continue. The audience shouted "Ganbare!" and she was able to finish. The curtain falls, and the credit rolls. Shouts of "Encore!" are heard.
13. "Kuusou Metro"
A performance with the two chorus singers joining in the dance. Her hair is down.

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