Taiho Shichauzo File 2 1/2

Taiho Shichauzo File 2 1/2 Soshite Minna De Utau

Bandai LD BELL-783, VHS BES-1170
2500 yen
released 1995.02.21

[information provided by Yuchou Hu]

This is a karaoke video starring Tamagawa Sakiko (Tsujimoto Natsumi) and Hiramatsu Akiko (Kobayakawa Miyuki). The masked person in this is called Strike Otoko, according to the Tokyo Policewoman Duo CD.

(This is a must for Akiko fans.)

1. 100 mph no Yuuki [Taiho OAV OP]
Sakiko rides a motorbike, and Akiko drives a police car; both are in police uniforms. The two meet at some empty field to take photographs. Sakiko starts out out as the photographer and takes many different shots of Akiko who goes through many cute poses. Then they switch, but not many pictures of Sakiko are taken. There is a shot of both of them in baseball uniforms. When all is finished, both get into the police car and drive away. The motorbike and the car are presumably the ones in the Taiho anime. This is a pretty good and lively song.
2. Go! Go! Patrol! (Kimi no Heart wo Taiho Suru)
This is a studio session with them dancing in front of walls that have lots of funky graffiti. They are dressed in blue with knee-length skirt which reminds one of school uniform except it says "T.P.D." at the back (TokyoPoilce Department). Strike Otoko joins in the dance 1/2 way through. There are many B/W clips showing Sakiko and Akiko arriving, preparing and practicing the steps for this video.
3. Bokutou Love Story
Nothing to say. A good one for duets as it contains both male and female vocals. Sakiko is a waitress in this, and Akiko is seen walking down a street with an unknown man.

The ED is a fast paced rendition of music to 2 and accompanies "making of" footages of this video.

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