Tenchi Muyou Live 94

Tenchi Muyou Live 94

Pioneer PILA-1260
color, CLV, 58 min, 6000 yen
released 1995.??.??

The LD cover has the Tenchi Muyou anime characters on stage, and the back cover shows the seiyuu. There are eight Ryououkis on the front cover.

This is a video of the Tenchi Muyou event that took place on 1994.11.19.

[information provided by Yuchou Hu]

1. Tenchi-Muyo! Ryououki no Theme
Music (OP 1st OAV series, slow) while showing clips of the seiyuus getting ready.
2. Tenchi-Muyo! Ryououki no Medley
Introduction of the seiyuus, each sings a piece of songs she/he has performed in the music CD's. At the end, everyone sings Renai no Sainou.
3. Boku wa Motto Pioneer (Yokoyama Chisa)
Words fail me in describing what she is wearing. It's red and yellow and rubbery. Imagine a lifesaver around her waist. Mizutani says it reminds her of a yakisoba-man. She gets out of breath while singing. It's a fun song, the OP of the 2nd OAV series.
4. Chotto Mukuchi no Onna no Ko (Kozakura Etsuko)
She wears a pair of rabbit ears. Her singing is unbearable IMHO.
5. Sanba! Meouto Zenzai (Mizutani Yuko)
Mizutani is in a white wedding dress because Mihoshi wants to be Tenchi's wife. This is a song describing how she has studied all about ways of a modern wife but she rather stay a bit old fashioned and serve the husband well. It's not that good a song but Mizutani makes up for it with her bounciness.
6. Koi wa Sesshoya Omahenka (Takada Yumi)
She is dressed up in the more 'courageous' fashion. This is a rap and the only song from her that does not make my ears bleed. Highly recommended for her fans.
7. Roman no Tabidachi (Kikuchi Masami)
A mellow song, just about right for his voice range.
8. Washuu no Komoriuta (Kobayashi Yuko)
She does remind one of her Majesty the Queen of England. This is the song from Tenchi OAV 8 when Washuu takes care of the baby.
9. Tsuki no Tragedy (Orikasa Ai)
She is dressed in a black formal, very elegant. This number has her dancing with a male dancer. Very, very nice. It's worth getting this LD if you are her fan. She gets the most applause. This is the ED to the 2nd OAV series.
10. Ginga de Chokuritsu Hokou (Orikasa Ai, Takada Yumi)
This is sung by Orikasa and Takada and is the ED to the TV series. Yumi has changed into leather and shorts. Both have trouble hitting the high notes in this song.
11. Tenchi Kaitaku Jikuu no Michiyuki
Sung by everyone. Mizutani has changed into a yellow suit whereas Yokoyama is now in a white dress with a furry pair of slippers.

The end credit has the seiyuus singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. This is a good seiyuu video because of its liveliness though the singing is a bit weak.

Normally I just play tracks 3, 5 and 9 and skip the rest ^_^;;

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