True Fish

True Fish (׻)

Pony Canyon
LD: PCLP-00576
VHS: PCVP-51741
color, 30 minutes, 3300 yen
released 1995.10.20

This is a collection of clips and interviews by Inoue Kikuko (׻).

It is 30 minutes, and there is some "omake" after the copyright message.

  • Kikuko comes to a table carrying two cups of tea. She stirs one and puts it in front of the viewer.
    After the scene is finished, Kikuko starts laughing and says, "It's very embarrassing."
  • At the train station, Kikuko spots some oranges and becomes very happy.
  • Inside the train, there was a short interview.
  • The train arrives at Karuizawa, and Kikuko skips on the platform.
  • skip
    Kikuko says, "I was very happy when I became able to skip. So I went around the neighborhood skipping holding a box of choco-baby (a candy). The choco-baby would make a noise, and the people around me would know that I had learned how to skip."
  • At Woodstock recording studio, Kikuko points to the letters and pronounces each letter, as if she was an English teacher.
  • Kikuko went skipping around the yard of the recording studio.
    The BGM for this was a song that didn't make it on the album.
  • Kikuko walks around the forest with Mori ga Yondeiruyo in the BGM.
  • Kikuko in the studio singing Sunday.
    Kikuko says, "In everyday life I think anything can be made into a song."
  • Kikuko on a boat in a lake. She made up a song about the lake.
  • recording
    Kikuko says, "I can't believe it's true."
  • Kikuko singing Wendenyan Tsukiyo no Osanpo in the studio.
  • my favorite song
    Wendenyan's next song.
  • Wendenyan was "moving" around in the studio, with Wendenyan Tsukiyo no Osanpo in the BGM.
    Kikuko says, "He's a small stuffed animal, but he's my friend. He's always with me."
    A short clip of the Osakana Penguin concert when she sang Wendenyan Tsukiyo no Osanpo.
  • Kikuko painting a clay figure (a rabbit). She even made up a song about the rabbit, and said, "Usagi-seijin is very cute!" after she finished painting it.
    Then they baked the clay figure, and Kikuko looked at how it turned out.. Kikuko was shocked. She said, "Iyaaa!"
  • character voice
    Kikuko says, "I feel that the line I say today, I'll only get to say once in my life. Even if I say the same line, the same circumstances will only happen once. So I want to make each line very important."
  • Kikuko eating ramen, with Pauline to Shounen in the BGM.
  • Kikuko and the kids (who do the chorus) in the studio.
  • radio
    Kikuko says, "I'm sorry, everyone's wrist must be getting tired." (because of the "oi oi")
  • Kikuko in the studio writing the lyrics to Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai.
  • artist
    Kikuko says, "I don't think of myself as one. I've released three albums. It's like a dream."
  • Kikuko in the studio with a guitar.
  • Shibuya and Shinjuku
    Kikuko says, "I know the difference now."
    Question, "Where is Alta?"
    Kikuko replied, "Shibuya."
    Question, "Where is Hachikou?"
    Kikuko replied, "Shinjuku."
    Question, "Where is the Tokyo Government Office?"
    Kikuko thought about it and replied, "I don't know. I don't go there for work."
  • Kikuko playing with fire crackers.
  • Doushiyou Kamen no Uta
    Kikuko says, "He's inside my heart. I think he's in everyone's hearts. Maybe because I'm a Libra, I can't decide between things. So when I can't decide, doushiyou kamen appears. So I made a song about him."
  • Kikuko getting a box of cakes in the studio. She can't decide which one to take. She eventually takes two.
  • Kikuko at Marine Studio, going inside and showing off the studio where you can see the pool.
  • Future activities
    Kikuko says, "I want to stay a seiyuu, and sing songs as a seiyuu."
  • end credits
    The staff members shot Kikuko with water guns. Kikuko got one too and started chasing everyone.
  • copyright message
  • omake
    Kikuko, Kikuko's sister, and Kikuko's mother wearing muumuus and singing Wagaya ha Nandaka Hawaiian.
  • present
    People who send in postcards by 10/31 was eligible to be in a drawing for the Usapi figure. Kikuko looks very sad about how Usapi turned out.

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