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    Mariko Kouda Concert Tour '95 Vivid (Ԣĥޥ)

    KIVM-98 (VHS) and KILM-44 (LD)
    4900 yen
    released 1995.03.16

    color, 52 minutes, HiFi, Stereo

    The contents are as follows.

    1. Prologue
    2. Bokura no suteki
    3. Genki dashite ne
    4. Story I
    5. Dare no sei de mo nai futari
    6. Ima aru yuuki
    7. Serori no kisu hakka no ensoo
    8. Ai no crazy eburon
    9. Story II
    10. Pure
    11. My love - ai suru to iu hisoyakasa
    12. Horizon
    13. Story III
    14. Love Song
    15. Epilogue
    The first pressing VHS comes with a sticker, and the first pressing LD comes with a pinup.

    [information provided by Kenny Toh]

    This LD/video captures Mariko Kouda's concert at Tokyo Shibuya Kokaido on Nov 5th, 1995. This is a nice LD, in that the songs are quite nice and the camera does a good job at capturing Mariko's prettiness and enthusiam. Mariko Kouda looks very sweet and genki in this concert, and she looks like she's having lots of fun. Her enthusiasm even spills over and infects the crowd - the audience seem to be on their feet for the duration of the concert!

    Mariko is dressed somewhat conservatively, in black jeans, white long-sleeved skirt, and black vest.

    The songs are a mixture between pop/rock and slow romantic songs.

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