Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker 3

ٻå (Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker)
Age 3 Present
꡼ (Jikuu Keiji Lily)

released 2001.06.01
5800 yen
60 minutes, one side, MPEG2/NTSC COLOR, region 2

Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker is a three DVD live action series featuring cute girls as "dimension detectives" to fight against dimension criminals. Episode 1 is about the past, episode 2 is about the future, and episode 3 is about the present. Each episode has a different dimension detective as the heroine.

The heroine in Wecker episode 3 is Lily, done by Kuryuu Miku.

The DVD contains the following (total around 60 minutes).

  • episode 3 (around 30 minutes)
  • making of and interview films of the main actors/actresses
  • Wecker Secret File 03
  • music video of Lily's song "Hoshi Tsuki Yo -Starry Night-"

The first pressing contains a trading card of Lily.

One of the bad guys in this episode is done by Ohtsuka Mae (). She fights against Lily. Also Milly ( Tsuchiya Mieko (ڲû) ) makes an appearance in the fight scene to help out Lilly.

Lily's music video contains scenes of Kuryuu Miku singing in a recording studio, and also has many footage of Wecker events at the Toy Show and Tokyo Game Show.

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