Weiss kreuz Gluhen - Das Ewige Dasein

[DVD] Weiss kreuz
Gluhen - Das Ewige Dasein

Released 1999.??.??
5800 yen
2 disks:
1) 88 minutes, 1 side 1 layer
2) 130 minutes, 1 side 2 layer

This is a two DVD package, and contains two separate plastic DVD cases. Inside each DVD case is a folded, large, pinup of the Weiss members on one side, and the song lyrics on the other side.

Disk 1 contains the Weiss Gluhen Tour of March 15, 1998 at Tokyo Kan'i Hoken Hall.

Disk 2 contains the Weiss Final Live of December 29, 1998 at Pacifico.

[Sorry, I'm too lazy to type in the song tracks.. - H.Doi]

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