Haneoka Meimi

Haneoka Meimi (ֲ) was a genki and cheerful 14 year old second year junior high student at Saint Paulia Gakuin. She was born on September 29, and her sign was Libra. Meimi's blood type was A. She is 152 cm tall, and weighs 43 kg.

However at night she turned into the mysterious thief Saint Tail (𥻥ȡơ). Saint Tail didn't steal things for herself, but she tried to help the various people that had gone to her friend, sister in training Seira, for help.

Meimi's favorite subject in school was physical education, and she didn't like to study that much. She likes cake and ice cream.

Meimi was a cry baby, and always cried, when she was happy and when she was sad.

Saint Tail used magic words and had several items.

In the anime, Meimi's voice is done by Sakurai Tomo ().

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