Oshiete Your Heart Seal Plus

The Oshiete Your Heart "Seal Plus" games give out "print club" stickers (16 little stickers) instead of a single large picture card. One of the stickers is a Konami logo, and another is the "Seal Plus" information (and card ID number). So there are 14 little stickers of the girls.
For some numbers, all 14 stickers are the same. But for others there are 7 distant pictures, and 7 zoom-in pictures.

Most of the "new" pictures (numbered 510 and up) are "closeup" pictures of the girl. These print clubs are small, so if the picture isn't a closeup, it's going to be very, very tiny.

Some of the differences that I have figured out in this game (compared to the original) are as follows.

  • Tatebayashi Miharu pictures are easy to get.
    In the original game, the only Miharu picture was when you "won" with her. But in this game, you can print out a picture of Miharu if you stop the game right after running into her.
  • You can determine your own pictures.
    For the basic pictures of the girls in front of the date locations, the picture that gets printed out will depend on when the player pushes the button during the game! If the player pushes the button while the girl is talking (this stops her speech and makes the game go faster), the picture that gets printed is what is on the screen. So it's possible to get a picture with the date location label in the background.
    See the pictures below for an example.
    [Yukari] [Yukari]

  • You can get pictures of body parts.
    Sometimes, you can get pictures of the body parts, instead of the girl's faces.

There are also some machines that print out these new pictures on cards instead of print club stickers.


I think I have figured out a pattern for the "plus" pictures. There are around 150 different pictures possible for each girl!

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