Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection - 1996.06.04

Event Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
Location Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou
Date 1996.06.04
Time 18:30 - 20:45
Cost 2000 yen
Guests Iwao Junko (岩男潤子)
Ikezawa Haruna (池澤春菜)
Koorogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)
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The third Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection event took place on 1996.06.04 at the Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou. The first event took place on 5/8, and the second event took place on 5/15.

This time, I sat in the fourth row, to the right of the stage.

The flow of the event was as follows.

  • Iwao Junko talk
  • Iwao Junko talk/song
  • Iwao Junko, Ikezawa Haruna talk
  • Iwao Junko, Koorogi Satomi talk
  • Iwao Junko questions/presents
  • Iwao Junko song

Iwao Junko talk

As with the other events, the emcee was Punch UFO.

Junko came out wearing a red and black devil pajama outfit! There was a tail, a hood, and little devil wings on the back. VERY cute!

Junko and Punch UFO talked about Saint Tail, as Junko did the voice of Kyoko. Junko asked if everyone knew who Kyoko was, and most of the crowd replied that they did.

Then they showed some clips of Saint Tail (about 5 minutes), mostly the scenes where Kyoko appeared. They showed the OP where Kyoko appears for a flash second. Junko said that Kyoko was wearing a summer dress in that scene, not a bathing suit as many thought.

Junko: I was very happy when I became a regular. I auditioned for the role of Seira, but I didn't get that. The director gave me the role of Kyoko, and I was very happy that I can do such a cute girl.

Junko's debut role was a lion (Melissa) in Montana Jones.

Junko just tried to do be as cute as possible when doing Kyoko's voice.

Junko was surprised that the director doesn't really say much about the character that the seiyuu have to voice. The director says a few things that the seiyuu shouldn't do, but the rest is all left up to the seiyuu to define the characters.

When Junko first started out (three years ago), she had trouble keeping up with the scene changes on the screen that she had to watch, and the script that she was holding. Junko thought that she would get a video or something so she can practice at home. But actually, the seiyuu just watch the video for the first time at the recording, and then do the voices right there. There are even times when they receive the script on the spot.

Junko likes to be called "Jun-chan". Since she has a very unusual last name, when she was in school, everyone remembered her last name, and not her first name. There were even people who called her "Rockman".
[Iwa - o = Rock - man]

Then Junko brought out her new portable PC, IBM 110. Junko used this to read her mails when she was traveling around, because she doesn't have enough time to finish reading it at home.

Punch UFO: Internet?
Junko: No, Niftyserve. I download the mails and read it while I'm on the train. Also there is some software that gives me the directions and costs for going from one place to another.

Punch UFO: Wasn't that expensive?
Junko: Yes, but I don't have much interest in other kinds of shopping. I'm interested in computers and things that they have in Akihabara. I don't go to clothes stores or accessories stores like other girls. I'm happy when I'm looking at computers.

Junko: I was in my teens when I started getting interested in computers. I saved my money and I would always go to Akihabara to look at the computers when I had free time. I liked to feel the keyboards to decide which one I like. I'm very picky with the keyboards.

Junko: Right now I have a computer at home, but I wanted to always carry one around with me when I was traveling around. Right now the public phones have the modular jack so I can connect to Niftyserve.

Junko feels very happy when she comes home at night and checks her mail and there is mail for her. She also likes to read the event reports and such in her forum on Niftyserve.

Junko: Recently people ask me why I colored my hair. Actually I have never colored my hair. I asked my hairdresser, and she said that my hair changed color because it was damaged.

Junko bought a hamster on her own birthday, and named it "Guu". When she bought it the hamster was 14 grams, and now it was 35 grams. Junko even wrote a song about her hamster called, "Boku ha 32 Gram" [I'm 32 Grams]. Then Junko brought out her electric keyboard and played the song!

Then Junko went off stage to change clothes.

Iwao Junko talk/song

Junko came back wearing a white, long one-piece dress, with white socks and white shoes. This was the outfit that she wore in her musical. (I think??)

Junko talked about Natsuko no Sake a drama CD that will be coming out soon. Junko will be doing the lead role of Natsuko.

Then Junko sang the ED song of Natsuko no Sake, Yume ga Minoru Toki (夢が実る季節(とき)). It was a slow, quiet ballad.

After the song, Junko talked about her summer concert. This summer (August 17 and 18) she will have a concert in Yakult Hall, with the songs coming from her new album which will be released in July. Junko said that this album will have many songs with more adult or mature themes.

Iwao Junko, Ikezawa Haruna talk

Then Ikezawa Haruna came out as a special guest. Haruna was a personality on Junko's Puku Puku Penguin Park radio show.

Both Haruna and Junko love sweets. Haruna can eat them from breakfast, but Junko said that she likes to eat rice in the morning.

After talking about their radio show for a while, Junko and Haruna played a janken game where the winner had to hit the other on the head with a plastic hammer, while the loser had to put on a helmet to protect herself.

After playing the game and talking for a little bit more, Haruna left.

Then Junko said that Puku Puku Penguin Park was on Sunday nights at 12:30, and her other radio show Shou Comi Night was on Sunday nights at 12:00. But when the baseball game broadcasts get extended, Shou Comi Night starts at 12:30 too. So unless one has two radios, it's not possible to listen to both radio shows.

Junko said that she bought two radios because of this, and set up the timers so that she can record both of her shows no matter what happens with the broadcast times. Junko said that she loved doing this kind of thing (cabling up the equipment and setting up the timers). She also likes to go buy the wires and the connectors, and make her own cables too. Junko also likes soldering. She says her room is more like a boy's room than an girl's room.

Junko will be in the movie X, which will be released in the summer of 1996.

Junko will have an event on June 9th in Niigata, and she will sing five songs. She will also be at the NEC PC-FX anime festival event on June 22nd and 23rd.

Iwao Junko, Koorogi Satomi talk

Then Koorogi Satomi came out as a special guest. Satomi was wearing a very short skirt. As she went to the high chair, she said, "This is dangerous if I sit down." Then Satomi just rested against the chair without sitting in it. She asked, "Can you see?" (^_^;)

Satomi and Junko will sing a duet on the Saint Tail vocal collection. Then they played a little bit of the song.

After talking a little bit more about Saint Tail, Satomi left.

Iwao Junko questions/presents

Then they read some questions from the audience.

Q: When will you go get your blood type checked?
Junko: I have three younger brothers, and I'm very similar to one of them. He's AB, so I think I'm AB too. I'm scared of shots, so I can't go. But I'll get it checked sometime this year.

Q: How many kids do you want?
Junko: They say it's hard to raise kids when you reach 30. But I want one of each (one boy and one girl). I've already got the names chosen.

Q: How many hours of sleep do you get every night?
Junko: 4 to 5 hours. After I get home, I use my computer, and play with Guu-chan. I go to sleep around 2 or 3. Since I have to work at 10 or so, I have to wake up at 7.

Q: What kind of dream have you seen recently?
Junko: I'm in a pool where I can't reach the bottom. Since I can't swim, I see a lot of dreams like this. I'm not drowning, but I'm in a deep pool. Sometimes I wake up because of that.

Then they held the drawing for the presents. There were three signature boards, and many Saint Tail goods.

Iwao Junko song

At the end of the event, Junko sang Shutter Chance no Renzoku.

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