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    Sotsugyou Vacation
    Mainichi Communications
    17:00 - 17:40
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)

    I got to the Mainichi Communications booth just before 17:00, as I was watching the SG event right before this, so the booth was crowded, and I had to stand in the back.. I was on the right side this time, and in pretty good position to take decent pictures.

    Everything flowed the same as the other events, with just a little bit of change in what the guests talked about.

    The director was asked what kind of image he used for the three new characters.
    director: I would like to say my three sisters.. but I don't have any. There isn't any model for these new characters. I wanted to make them more "real" than the other Sotsugyou characters.

    Then the three seiyuu guests came out, and introduced themselves and their characters.

    Okada Junko said that Ryoko was the leader of the three characters. She scolds the player, but with a smile.

    Okamoto Asami said that Yukie was a very optimistic girl.

    Makishima Yuki said that Izumi was "modern" girl, who said whatever was on her mind, and she got scolded by Ryoko and Yukie a lot.

    All three seiyuu debuted at the same audition, so they play together a lot too.

    Then the emcee asked some questions, and the seiyuu had to play the same game as the first event.

    Q: I'm the most tone deaf.
    Junko raised her hand, and said that it was very difficult doing the recordings for the songs.

    Q: I'm the most spoiled.
    Yuki raised her hand.

    Q: I eat the most.
    Junko raised her hand, and added that they all don't eat that much, but Yuki and Asami don't eat much at all.

    Q: I'm the one who moves the most in my sleep.
    Junko raised her hand.

    Q: I play games the most.
    Asami raised her hand.

    Q: I'm the quietest.
    They all raised their hands.. in a "not so quiet" manner.. (^_^;)

    Q: I'll get married first.
    Nobody raised their hands.

    Q: I'm the best at shopping.
    Nobody raised their hands.

    Then they went on to the after recording session, where they called one person from the audience to do the voice of the "player" and the seiyuu did the voice of her character.

    There were also Sotsugyou Vacation events at 11:00 and 14:00.

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