Inoue Kikuko Pokka Poka Tour

Event Inoue Kikuko Pokka Poka Tour
Location Yuuport (Gotanda)
Date 1999.04.11
Time 18:00 - 21:00
Cost 4800 yen
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Hisakawa Aya ()
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.04.15

The Inoue Kikuko Pokka Poka Tour was Kikuko's first solo concert tour. The concerts were held in Osaka (3/20), Nagoya (3/27), and Tokyo (4/11).

The concert was divided up into two parts. The first part was like a classic concert, as Kikuko sang several songs from her CD Mizuumi (no fast songs). There was a five person orchestra with a violin, viola, contra bass, guitar, and piano. Okazaki Ritsuko was playing the piano and singing backup vocals.

Kikuko was wearing a short sleeve white blouse, white lace gloves, light blue long skirt, light blue shoes, and a black belt.

The song list was as follows.

  • Anokoro
  • Kotae ha Koko ni
  • [talk]
  • Haru no Poka Poka
  • Mizuumi
  • [talk]
  • Kimi no Uta
  • [talk, introduction of the band]
  • Douzoyoroshikune
  • Shall We Step in the Rain?
  • [talk]
  • Haru

The songs were mixed with some talk, and the first part was around 60 minutes.

There was a 15 minute break between the first and second parts.

The second half was Oneechan Best 10 with Hisakawa Aya as the emcee. This was a countdown of "top 10" songs by Inoue Kikuko. Aya was wearing a white blouse and a black long skirt.

The number 10 song was Shiawase Tambourine by Tambourinist Kikuko. Kikuko came out wearing an idol-ish pink one piece, with a black jacket. Kikuko said she was 14 years old. After a short talk, Kikuko sang the song.

The number 9 song was Spy by Inoue Spy Kikuko. Kikuko wore a black outfit, and dark sunglasses. Then she sang the song.

The number 8 song was Choki no Kamisama by Inoue Pyonko. A rabbit kigurumi came out. But it was Kikuko doing the voices. Then the rabbit started singing the song. In the middle of the song, Kikuko came out wearing a white top, and white long pants. She was also wearing a blue Miffy apron. Kikuko sang and danced with the rabbit.
[when Kikuko came onto the stage, she knocked the rabbit down.. ]

The number 7 song was Wagaya ha Nandaka Hawaiian by Inoue Aloha Kikuko with Hawaiians. Instead of Kikuko coming onto the stage, there was a "live video" broadcast from Hawaii. Kikuko was wearing a red muumuu, and had red flowers in her hair. Then Kikuko sang the song with her sister and mother dancing besides her.

The number 6 song was Pauline to Shounen and the number 5 song was Yumemiru Pauline by Niihao Inoue. Kikuko came out wearing a red China dress. (This is the same dress that Kikuko wore during the Ezaki Productions Matsuri. ) She also had a red China hat. Kikuko talked very fast, and said she came from Yokohama Chinatown. Then she sang both songs.

The number 4 song was Doushiyou Kamen no Uta by Inoue Doushiyou Kamen. Kikuko came out wearing the same China dress, but she wasn't wearing the hat, and she had her long hair down. During the talk, "doushiyou" Kikuko said that "doushiyou" many times. Then she sang the song. At the end of the song, doushiyou kamen came out onto the stage, and ran through the crowd.

The number 3 song was Chocolate no Uta by Inoue Champ Kikuko. This was another "live video", as Kikuko was on some island. Kikuko and Aya played shiritori. Then they went onto the song, but Kikuko got taken away before she finished her song.

The number 2 song was Bokura no Mikata da Oneechan by Oneechan. Kikuko came out wearing a short, tight white tank top, a white jacket, white shorts, a white mini (very mini) skirt, and long white boots (up above the knees). There were also three male dancers (Super Manbous) dressed in black. Kikuko then taught the crowd how to do some of the moves, and then sang the song. Kikuko moved and danced a lot for this song.
[the entire crowd stood up for this song.]

The number 1 song was Ganbatte Makenaide by Inoue Kikuko. Kikuko came out as "herself" and was wearing a colorful checkered top, and a long red (pink) skirt. Kikuko and Aya talked for around 5 minutes, and then Kikuko sang the song.

After this song, the curtains went down to end the concert.

There was a call for an encore for a couple minutes, and the curtains went up again.

Instead of Kikuko coming back onto the stage, there was a video clip of the song Haru.

After the video, Kikuko came onto the stage. Kikuko was wearing a black long sleeve blouse with white trim, a long white skirt, white socks, and black shoes. She also had a black ribbon in her hair.

Then Hisakawa Aya also came onto the stage, wearing a white blouse and a long reddish brown skirt. She gave a large bouquet to Kikuko.

Kikuko made an adlib song, called Gotanda Yuuport no Uta, and sang it.
[for the Osaka and Nagoya concerts, Kikuko made songs for those cities.]

Then at the end, Kikuko brought out Wendenyan, and then she sang Wendenyan no Christmas.


They sold many goods for this concert tour, but almost everything was sold out by the time I got in. (;_;)

The only thing left was the B4 sized concert pamphlets for 2100 yen. This pamphlet has lots of pictures of Kikuko.

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