Dear+Palette+Che campaign

Event Dear+Palette+Che campaign
Location Animate Ikebukuro
Date 2001.02.18
Time 14:00 - 15:20
Cost 2100 yen (cost of CD)
Guests Dear Me

  • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.02.21

There was a campaign event for the Dear+Palette-Che CD at Animate Ikebukuro on 2/18, and the guest was Dear Me. I think this was the only time that the full Dear Me got together by themselves for an event. The full members were Hinano Mayo (ޤ), Ohgoshi Tomoe (ͧ), Tanabe Miri (ߤ), Minano Fuuko (ǵ), Kimura Ikue (¼골), Sakurai Sara ().

It was a song and talk event, which opened with Dear Me's new song, Always. This was the first time that they sang this song in public, and they didn't have a dance for it yet.

The next song was Stormy Dune.

Then they brought out a table, and they all sat down for the talk corner. There was about 45 minutes of talk.

There was a keyword talk corner where they pulled topics out of a box, and there were many funny topics. A lot of the topics dealt with talking about the secrets of other members of Dear Me, or other members of Kira Melo.

At the end, they sang Daisuki and Soba ni Itai.

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