Kira Kira Melody Gakuen related events 2001

The following are the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen events (or events featuring the Kira Melo girls) that I went to in 2001. (This does not include events by Kira Melo girls when they appear as individuals or other groups.)

date event Kira Melo girls
2001.01.14 Heart Chu Style Shibuya Heart Chu
2001.01.14 Heart Chu Style Ikebukuro Heart Chu
2001.01.16 Idol Chu-Mail vol 11 Sayaka
2001.01.20 Heart Chu Style Kichijoji Heart Chu
2001.01.21 Heart Chu Style Machida Heart Chu
2001.01.27 Anime Channel Public Recording Heart Chu, White Che
2001.01.31 KONOHANA: True Report 6 girls
2001.02.03 Heart Chu Style Kichijoji Heart Chu
2001.02.07 Idol Chu-Mail vol 12 White Che
2001.02.17 Idol Fruits Parfait Asukasumi
2001.02.18 Dear+Palette-Che Ikebukuro Dear Me
2001.03.04 Tinkerbell Magic Night White Che
2001.03.07 Idol Chu-Mail vol 13 Mieko
2001.03.17 Kira Melo CD campaign Machida Mieko, Nobuko, Tomoe
2001.03.17 Kira Melo CD campaign Ikebukuro Muteki Palette, Heart Chu
2001.03.18 Kira Melo CD campaign Ikebukuro 6 girls
2001.03.25 Unit Final Live all unit members
2001.03.25 All Student Final Live all
2001.08.19 Final Album Event 9 girls

The "all" means almost all of the Kira Melo students at that time. It is extremely rare that every single one appears at one event.

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