Idol Ou public recording

Event Idol Ou public recording
Location TBS Hall
Date 1997.08.21
Time 18:30 - 19:40
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Nagasaki Moe (長崎萠)
  • Report version 0.9, Hitoshi Doi, 1997.08.24

The public recording for the TV program Idol Ou (アイドル王) with Nagasaki Moe as the guest took place on August 21, 1997 at TBS Hall. The tickets has numbers on them, but they let people in first come, first in. I arrived at 16:45, more than one hour before they let in, and there were about 40 people lined up already.

At around 17:30, a cameraman with the video came outside.. Then I spotted some announcers interviewing Moe on the street! Moe was wearing a black one piece (around knee length), and a light white cardigan over it. She had black heel shoes, and white socks.
[I was in line, but I was pretty close, so I watched.. ^_^]

They let in at 18:00, and I got a seat in the third row, middle section. There were about 200 people total.


The event started at 18:30. The two emcees came out an introduced the show. This was the first public recording of the show, 24th show overall. This show will be broadcast on 9/16, at 25:55.

Honoo to Arashi

Nagasaki Moe came out from the back of the stage, and walked to the front. Moe was wearing a frilly, white, long sleeve shirt, and a dark green and red checkered one piece, flaring out, very short.
[This is the same outfit that Moe wore at the Gall Force event last October, but the shoes were different.]

Moe sang Honoo to Arashi (her first single).


The announcers came back onto the stage.

They talked about how short Moe was (153 cm). Moe had been 153 cm since she was in junior high. One of Moe's worries is that she is taken to be a lot younger than she really is.
emcee: What's the youngest that you have been mistaken for recently?
Moe: A primary school student.
emcee: Have you ever benefited because you look young?
Moe: I can't remember any.. so no.

Moe's hobby is sewing, and she makes some of her own clothes. Then they brought out two of the clothes that she made recently: a China dress with cherries on it (Moe called it "A-line one piece") and pajamas with teddy bears on it (the collar was sailor type, with two long braids coming out the back).

The emcee said that it wasn't surprising that Moe was mistaken for a primary school student.

Moe said she started sewing because her mother sews.

Asobi ni Ikouyo

Then Moe sang Asobi ni Ikouyo, the coupling song to Moe's new single.
[This was a very bright and cheerful (and cute) song.]


Then they all sat down on high chairs, and talked.
[Moe-chan wearing such a short skirt to.. ^_^;]

Moe was born in Nagasaki, raised in Aichi.

Moe was a child who didn't move. When her mother told her to stay somewhere, she just stayed without moving. But Moe likes gym class, and likes to run.

When asked why she wanted to become a singer, Moe said that she liked singing ever since she can remember. The first song she liked was Yosaku (an enka song?). Then Moe sang a short phrase of it, "Hey hey ho.. hey hey ho.." She said that was the part she sang when she was little.

Knife, Yume Miru Chanson Ningyou

Then Moe sang Knife, the coupling song to her first single, and Yume Miru Chanson Ningyou, a song that Moe only sings at events. Moe said she liked "Yume Miru Chanson Ningyou" the first time she heard it. It's an old foreign song, but she got original Japanese lyrics written for her, and she sings that.

cult quiz

Then they went onto the "Moe-chan cult quiz corner". They were going to call 20 people from the audience onto the stage to participate. The winner was going to win a video of today's event (the complete video, prior to the cuts.)
The 16th person called was someone from Nishiogi.. Doi Hitoshi. (^_^;)

The questions (yes/no) were:

  1. Kuunyan (Moe's cat) is male.
    No. [11 people left]
  2. There are 60 teddy bears in Moe's room.
    No. [10 people left]
  3. Moe's best move in kendo is "men".
    No. [4 people left]

Then they asked a question to determine the winner. The first one to answer was going to win.

What flower was sewn onto the skirt that Moe was wearing on the jacket on her first single?

Nobody on stage was able to answer, so they asked the crowd. The answer was "a blue tulip". So the person who answered got to go onto the stage.. and he had to stand still, right next to Moe, who sang Honoo to Arashi for him.
[This is more like a penalty than a prize.. ^_^;]


Moe debuted as a singer in April, but she had been stage acting for a couple years. When Moe was in primary school, she wanted to act in addition to singing.

When asked what she wanted to do in the future, Moe said that she wanted to act in a "jidaigeki" (Japanese historical movie). Moe wants to wear a "juunihitoe" (formal kimono).

Then the emcee asked about what kind of people were in the crowd.. There was one girl. He asked if there was anyone in their 40's (age). There wasn't anyone. Then he asked about 30's.. There were over 10 people! (^_^;) There were also quite a few people 19 years old (same as Moe).

Kaeri Michi

Then Moe introduced and sang her second single Kaeri Michi.
[This was a happy, medium ballad song.]

This was the end of the event, and everyone went off the stage..


But after a minute of "Moe-chan" calls, they came back onto the stage.

Moe said that she will be in a play this fall, Shoukoujo. It will play in Ichikawa, Toda (?), and some other places.

Then Moe sang Kaeri Michi again.

After the song, they filmed the ending of the TV show. The cameraman went onto the stage, and Moe turned her back to the audience.
[So, some people in the crowd might be visible..]

"Konnichiha, Nagasaki Moe desu.."
[Then Moe-chan stopped.. as she forgot her lines. ^_^;]

"Konnichiha, Nagasaki Moe desu. Korekara mo motto motto ganbarimasu no de, ouen yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Konshuu no idol ou, Nagasaki Moe deshita."

This was the end of the event.

Then to thank everyone for coming, Moe went to the door and shook hands with everyone as they left.

HD's thoughts

This event was much more than just a normal public recording event. Moe sang 7 songs, and there was even a handshake session. I don't think she ever sang this much at a prior event. This is definitely one of the best events of 1997.

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