Idol Project

This document is the on-line Idol Project (アイドルプロジェクト) encyclopedia.

Idol Project is a story about a 14 year old girl Mimu (未夢) who wanted to become an idol, as she loved singing. She entered an idol audition, but she was late and she had many obstacles in the way..

Idol Project is a cute idol, music, action, comedy OAV series produced by KSS. The characters are VERY cute! The characters sing great songs! The action is very fast, and some scenes are very funny.

There is also a FM Towns game "Idol Project", and a PC-9801 game "Idol Project 2".

This document contains the following information.

This document is being organized by Hitoshi Doi (, and contains contributions by the following people (in alphabetical order). I'm sorry if I left anybody out.

  • Jason Balduf
  • Peter Evans
  • Kevin Lew
  • Erik Smith

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