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  • Radio Megami-sama Tenjoukai Tsuushin Chi no Maki

    饸ޤ CD

    not for sale
    released 2008.05.00
    Comic Afternoon May 2008

    This CD came with the May 2008 issue of Afternoon magazine as part of the 20th year anniversary of Aa Megami-sama. It contains talk by Inoue Kikuko (׻), Touma Yumi (ͳ), Hisakawa Aya (), and Gouda Hiroaki (Ĺ).

    The talk is done like a radio show. The total time is around 30 minutes.

    There are four tracks on the CD.

    1. [6:43] Kikuko, Yumi, Aya
    2. [13:09] Kikuko, Yumi, Aya
      (talk about the past of various Megami-sama people)
    3. [7:18] Kikuko, Yumi, Aya, Hiroaki
    4. [2:38] Kikuko, Yumi, Aya, Hiroaki

    This is the "chi" no maki. There is a "ten" no maki version of this talk radio show, and it will come with the Aa Megami-sama TV series DVD BOX.

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