Aa Megami-sama Kami no Karaoke CD

NONE 「ああっ女神さまっ」神のカラオケCD

Pony Canyon PCCG-00252
4800 yen
4 CDs, 4 hours 42 minutes.
released 1994.03.18.

Basically the first 3 discs are karaoke, and contains all the Aa Megami-sama songs and the GFC songs. It does not contain the songs from Elegant Fish (Inoue Kikuko) or Toki wo Tsumuide (Hisakawa Aya). For some songs, there are a few different karaoke versions available.

The 4th disc is the "singing lesson" disc where the GFC are supposed to give you hints on how to sing the songs. But they just talk and don't really give any lessons. This is the FUNNIEST disc. This disc is around 65 minutes. Also some of their conversation will refer to past conversation that was put out on the AnimeV midnight talk cassette tape or the GFC CD single.

There are short guest appearances by Fujishima Kousuke, Kikuchi Masami, Iwata Mitsuo, Fuchizaki Yuriko, Asami Junko, Takano Urara, and Jaamane Yoshida on this disc.

Also there is a 100 page lyrics booklet. At the bottom left corner of this booklet, there are the drawings of the slight SD Skuld, Urd, and Belldandy that will animate when you flip the pages. I think these pictures are the same ones that were in the ED of volume 3.

For the songs that are sung by more than one person, the lyrics book does not mark (or color code) the parts that should be sung by each person. So it's pretty difficult to sing as the GFC or the three goddesses unless you know the songs very well.

disc 1: "a" - "ko"

total time: 70:58


  • 01. Aijou
  • 02. Otoko to Megami no Love Song
    This has just music, so you need two people to sing Belldandy and Keiichi's parts.
  • 03. Otoko to Megami no Love Song (sing with Belldandy)
    This has the music and Belldandy's vocals. So you just have to sing Keiichi's lyrics.
  • 04. Otoko to Megami no Love Song (sing with Keiichi)
    This has the music and Keiichi's vocals. So you just have to sing Belldandy's lyrics.
  • 05. Kataomoishika Shiranai Kuseni
  • 06. Katteni Namae wo Tsukawanaidene
  • 07. Kanashii Neiro no Orugooru
  • 08. Kamisama no Okurimono
  • 09. Kamisama no Dengon
  • 10. Kamisama no Dengon (live version)
  • 11. Cookie's Story
  • 12. Koino Housoku
  • 13. Kodomo Atsukai Shinaideyo
  • 14. Congratulations!
  • 15. Congratulations! (video size)

disc 2: "ka" - "na"

total time: 73:03


  • 01. Sakkyoku-kun Mecha to Asobou
    This has just music, so you need two people to sing Skuld and Sakkyoku-kun's parts.
  • 02. Sakkyoku-kun Mecha to Asobou (sing with Sakkyoku-kun)
    This has the music and Sakkyoku-kun's vocals. So you just have to sing/say Skuld's lyrics.
  • 03. Sakkyoku-kun Mecha to Asobou (sing with Skuld)
    This has the music and Skuld's vocals. So you just have to sing Sakkyoku-kun's lyrics.
  • 04. Shiawase ga Kasokusuru
  • 05. Shiawase ga Kasokusuru (live version)
  • 06. Shougakusei ja Naindakara
  • 07. Shiroi Yousei
  • 08. Seichou: Jidoushabu Buka
  • 09. Senaka Awase no Tokimeki
  • 10. Tatakae! Banpei-kun RX
    This has just music, so you need two people to sing Fujishima Kousuke and Jaamane Yoshida's parts.
  • 11. Tatakae! Banpei-kun RX (sing with Fujishima Kousuke)
    This has the music and Fujishima Kousuke's vocals. So you just have to sing Jaamane Yoshida's lyrics.
  • 12. Tatakae! Banpei-kun RX (sing with Jaamane Yoshida)
    This has the music and Jaamane Yoshida's vocals. So you just have to sing Fujishima Kousuke's lyrics.
  • 13. Chikyuuga Hohoemuyouni
  • 14. Tsukamaranaiyo
  • 15. Nagareboshi wo Matsu Shoujo

disc 3: "ne" - "wa"

total time: 73:25


  • 01. Nekomi no Hito
  • 02. High Quality Song
  • 03. Butsumetsu
  • 04. Boku to Ikiru Koto ga Kimi no Shiawase
  • 05. Pocket ni Kakushita Tebukuro
  • 06. Hoshizora Shoukan
  • 07. Hottokenainosa
    This has the music and the chorus. So you just have to sing Urd's part.
  • 08. Hottokenainosa (sing the chorus)
    This has the music and Urd's lyrics. It can almost pass as a normal song! So you just have to sing/say the chorus part.
  • 09. Hottokenainosa Zen'in Shuugou!
    This has the music and all of the background voices of the "Zen'in Shuugou" version. So you just have to sing Urd's part.
  • 10. My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai
  • 11. My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai (video size)
  • 12. Mata Koi wo Shiyouyo
  • 13. Megami-sama to Oyobi!
  • 14. Megami no Kimochi
  • 15. Megami wa Utau
  • 16. Ribbon
  • 17. Waltz de Aisatsu

disc 4: Kashou Shidou Zadankai (song teaching discussion)

total time: 65:25


  • 01. Kamino Karaoke CD, Kashou shidou zadankai, disc 1 "a" kara "ko"
  • 02. GFC
    • introduction
      When Touma Yumi asked if anything good happened recently, Inoue Kikuko said that the pool near her house was under construction.
    • talk about Aijou
  • 03. Iwata Mitsuo
    • talk about nezumi-san's song
  • 04. GFC
    • making a karaoke for nezumi-san's song
      Inoue Kikuko reading the nezumi-san's lyrics.. but she started laughing so she couldn't read it.
    • talk about some other songs
    • Touma Yumi's advice for cat sounds
    • talk about Congratulations
      Hisakawa Aya forgetting what song it is.
      Inoue Kikuko's boke.
  • 05. Kamino Karaoke CD, Kashou shidou zadankai, disc 2 "sa" kara "na"
  • 06. GFC
    • Inoue Kikuko doing "sa" ka ra "na", saying "ra" softly.
  • 07. Fujishima Kousuke (on motorcyle)
    • talk about Banpei-kun RX
  • 08. GFC
    • talk about Fujishima Kousuke's motorcycle
  • 09. Jaamane Yoshida (in toliet)
    • talk about Banpei-kun RX
  • 10. GFC
    • talk about Banpei-kun RX
      Inoue Kikuko using this song for janken.
    • talk about Tsukamaranaiyo and the event
      Inoue Kikuko was very happy and didn't take off the costume during rehearsal.
      Inoue Kikuko talking about the "other" self that comes out when you wear an animal costume.
  • 11. Fuchizaki Yuriko
    • talk about Shougakusei ja Naindakara
  • 12. GFC
    • talk about Sakkyoku-kun Mecha to Asobou
    • talk about Chikyuu ga Hohoemu Youni
      Hisakawa Aya, "douyatte hohoemun desuka?"
      Touma Yumi discovers that it's really not their song.. (it's by the goddesses.)
    • talk about Shiroi Yousei
    • talk about Nagareboshi wo Matsu Shoujo
      Inoue Kikuko's niteru mono series. [VERY FUNNY!] matsu and motsu, steam and smoke, Shibuya and Shinjuku
  • 13. Kamino Karaoke CD, Kashou shidou zadankai, disc 3 "ne" kara "wa"
  • 14. GFC
    • talk about Takano Urara singing her song at the event
  • 15. Takano Urara (running)
    • talk about Nekomi no Hito
  • 16. GFC
    • talk about various songs
    • talk about Pocket ni Kakushita Tebukuro
      Inoue Kikuko says she's always losing her handkerchief.
      What the girls like to receive as presents..
      Inoue Kikuko says that "ah", "aah", "aaah" should be sung differently in this song. She demonstrates. Then Touma Yumi and Hisakawa Aya sing it too. [very funny]
  • 17. Asami Junko (in subway)
    • talk about High Quality Song
  • 18. GFC
    • talk about Matakoi wo Shiyouyo
      It's 80% Hisakawa Aya's personal experiences, when she was 21.
    • talk about Ribbon Just a ittle bit about Inoue Kikuko's experiences, when she was in high school.
  • 19. Kikuchi Masami (in a noisy place)
    • talk about Butsumetsu
  • 20. GFC
    • talk about Kikuchi Masami
      He sang Boku to Ikirukoto ga Kimino Shiawase recently.
    • saying good bye with waltz
      Inoue Kikuko's "bye bye bye". [very funny]
    • Inoue Kikuko's tamago song, humming
    • saying good bye
      Hisakawa Aya as a kangaroo.
      Touma Yumi with a very sexy voice, and a kiss.
      Inoue Kikuko with a old woman's voice, a little boy's voice, and a little girl's voice.

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