Aa Megami-sama Original Soundtrack volume 2 Super

「ああっ女神さまっ」音楽集 VOL 2 Super

Pony Canyon PCCG-00258
3000 yen
released 1994.06.01.

This is the second soundtrack to the Aa Megami-sama OAVs.

The contents of the CD are as follows.

  1. Piano Sonata "heavens"
  2. My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai (video, LD size)
  3. And troublemaker
  4. Cake with tea
  5. Yearning
  6. With reason
  7. Mission from seniors [Jidoushabu Buka]
  8. Excellent beauty
  9. Catch (boon)
  10. Well-constructed equation
  11. Fancy
  12. Super Motorcycle
  13. Early childhood
  14. Clear sky [Tsukamaranaiyo]
  15. First racing
  16. Struggle for mastery
  17. Winning passion
  18. Victory!
  19. Street [Waltz de Aisatsu]
  20. Tamago no Uta (Belldandy)
  21. Piano Sonata "illusion"
  22. Premonition
  23. Snow playing
  24. Chasing
  25. Notice from god
  26. Catch (cheen)
  27. Admonition [Nagareboshi wo Matsu Shoujo]
  28. Feel oppressed
  29. Be destined
  30. Sweet-tempered letter
  31. Fate had a past
  32. Boku to Ikiru Koto ga Kimi no Shiawase (Kikuchi Masami)
  33. Serious menace
  34. Misfortune
  35. For my goddess
  36. Our dream
  37. Grief-stricken twosomes [Hoshizora Shoukan]
  38. Sympathy
  39. Memories [Nagareboshi wo Matsu Shoujo]
  40. Ring of promise
  41. Compulsory repatriation
  42. Last importance
  43. All over with her
  44. Recollection
  45. Despaired of...
  46. Ties in the past [My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai]
  47. Promise and contract
  48. Breach of contract
  49. Congratulations! (reprise)
The first edition of this CD comes in a cardboard case, along with a 80 page mystery book. The cardboard case has a heart-shaped cutout so you can see the cover of the booklet from the outside.

This booklet contains information about all of the BGM in the first and second soundtracks. It's all in Japanese and there are no pictures in the booklet.

I added the name of the songs that the BGM came from in []. I hope I got them right. There might have been some more, but I'm not sure.

Tracks 1 to 19 are from Aa Megami-sama OAV 3, tracks 21 to 31 are from Aa Megami-sama OAV 4, and tracks 33 to 49 are from Aa Megami-sama OAV 5. I liked the BGM from Megami-sama 5 the best.

The first part of track 49 is the piano version of Congratulations. Then it goes onto the long version with the vocals. Very nice!

Track 20 is VERY CUTE!

Track 32 is a guitar version with Kikuchi Masami's vocals.

BGMs that I liked were tracks 46, 39, 36, 21, 1. - Hitoshi Doi

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