Shiawase ga Kasoku suru (Live Version)

神さまの伝言 (Live Version)

Pony Canyon PCDG-00050
released 1992.11.20
800 yen

This CD contains two Aa Megami-sama related songs.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Shiawase ga Kasoku suru (Live Version)
  2. Kamisama no Dengon (Live Version)
Sung by the three goddess Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子), Touma Yumi (冬馬由美), Hisakawa Aya (久川綾).

The CD single package has a special cover that had been sealed by Marller's curse. By using a scissors or knife, one can open up the cover to reveal pictures of the three seiyuu (GFC) recording the Aa Megami-sama OP and ED songs.

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