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    Amano Yuri events

    Some of the events that Yuri has appeared in are as follows.

    1993.05.08Hummingbird First Mini Live in Osaka
    1993.05.09Hummingbird First Mini Live in Nihon Seinenkan
    1993.05.16Hummingbird First Mini Live in Nagoya
    1993.08.01Hummingbird preview event in Sapporo
    1993.08.21Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Nagoya
    1993.08.22Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Osaka
    1993.08.28Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Kudan Kaikan
    1994.02.06CD Commemoration Joint Live
    1994.04.24Hummingbird Bus Tour in Mother Bokujou
    1994.05.15Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Tokyo
    1994.05.28Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Nagoya
    1994.05.29Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Osaka
    1994.08.09PC Engine Summer Festa
    1994.11.19Iczelion Charging Event
    1995.04.23Hummingbird in Tokyo
    1995.07.30Tokuma OVA Festa
    1995.08.16Hummingbird Final Concert
    1996.03.17Tenchi Muyou! in Live Tour '96 in Sapporo
    1996.03.30Tenchi Muyou! in Live Tour '96 in Nagoya
    1996.03.31Tenchi Muyou! in Live Tour '96 in Osaka
    1996.04.07Tenchi Muyou! in Live Tour '96 in Fukuoka
    1996.04.13Tenchi Muyou! in Live Tour '96 in Tokyo
    1996.06.22NEC PC-FX Anime Festival
    1998.02.14Hatsukoi Valentine event
    1998.03.22Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
    1998.10.10Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
    1999.09.26Onechupi public recoding in Tokyo FM Hall
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