Asakawa Yuu events

Some of the events that Yuu has appeared in are as follows.

1997.09.06Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
1998.12.26Akihabara Dennougumi event in Toshima Koukaidou
1999.07.18Akihabara Dennougumi in AKIBAX
2000.01.30Love Hina comic image album event
2000.02.11At Hot Legs live
2000.07.30JAFCON 9
2000.08.05Natsuki Rio Asakawa Yuu live "Second Stage"
2000.08.06Love Live Hina in Zepp Osaka
2000.10.08Love Hina live in On Air East
2000.11.04Game Dra 5 Shuunen Special Night
2001.03.24Haru damono! Love Live Hina Final
2001.07.08Mayuta and Stages
2001.09.094th Stages
2001.12.09Special Live in Area Takadanobaba
2002.03.23Asakawa Yuu birthday disc mini live in Yamagiwa Soft
2002.03.24Asakawa Yuu birthday disc mini live at Ishimara Denki Yokohama
2002.03.30[15:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
2002.03.31[15:00] Starchild Festival 2002 Spring
2002.04.06[17:00] Asakawa Yuu Birthday Disk event in Gamers
2002.04.10[19:30] Asakawa Yuu First Solo Live "Gig The Naked" in M7
2002.07.20[11:30] Tokyo Character Show 2002 Summer [Azumanga Daiou stage]
2002.10.13[14:00] Seesonic Lavel CD event
2002.10.14Seesonic Lavel 2 CD mini live in TB Hall
2002.10.208th Stage in Astro Hall
2002.11.0350th Anniversary Bunka Housou Festival
2003.02.02[15:00] Asakawa Yuu mini live in Gamers Akihabara
2003.02.02[17:00] Asakawa Yuu mini live in Yamagiwa Soft
2003.08.24[14:00] C3 2003 Club AT-X public recording
2003.11.29[14:00] Angelic Vale Progress event in Asobit City hall B
2003.11.29[19:00] Angelic Vale Progress talk show in Yamagiwa Soft
2005.02.05[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Live Haruka Matsuri 2005
2006.08.06[13:00] Lala Gakuen Natsu Matsuri special stage
2008.01.26[18:00] Prism Ark The Pencil Live Shibuya O-East
2008.11.09[18:00] Loveroot Zero event
2009.02.14[14:45] Wonderful Hobby Life For You! 9 Vocaloid Special Stage
2009.04.11[17:00] Hyakka Seiran III live Nihon Seinenkan
2009.11.01[11:30] Vocaloid Matsuri in Meidaisai
2009.11.04[14:00] Vocaloid on Stage Hosei University
2009.12.31[14:00] Comic Market 77 Two Five
2010.01.16[13:00] Neo Romance Festa Haruka 10 Nensai
2010.01.16[19:00] Neo Romance Festa Haruka 10 Nensai
2010.02.06[12:30/17:30] Neo Romance Festa Haruka 10nensai in Kyoto
2010.02.07[12:30/17:30] Neo Romance Festa Haruka 10nensai in Kyoto
2010.07.25[15:30] Amagami SS event Theater Tsutaya
2010.10.17[14:00] Amagami SS Monthly Event
2011.02.20[16:00] K-On!! Live Event Come With Me!! Saitama Super Arena
2012.08.18[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2012

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