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Asami Junko CDs (miscellaneous)

Junko appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1993.06.20Aa Megami-sama Tokuten-ouSong
1997.01.24Doukyuusei -Ren'ai Senka- Lesson 1 (JSCA-59046)Talk
1997.02.28Doukyuusei -Ren'ai Senka- Lesson 3 (JSCA-59048)Talk
1997.03.28Doukyuusei -Ren'ai Senka- Lesson 4 (JSCA-59049)Talk
1997.04.25Doukyuusei -Ren'ai Senka- Lesson 5 (JSCA-59050)Talk
1997.05.23Doukyuusei -Ren'ai Senka- Lesson 6 (JSCA-59051)Talk
1998.06.03Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 Drama CD (PCCB-318)Talk
2000.12.20Ah! Megami-sama! Tokuten-oh+ (PCCG-559)Song
2005.01.31Cinematic Sound Drama GetBackers -Legend of Vampire- (MKC-0003)Talk