AIC Comic Love volume 7

AIC Comic Love volume 7
on sale 2000.10.19
840 yen

With this issue of AIC Comic Love, the magazine increased in size. Also this issue came with a CD-ROM.

There is a 3 page photo collection of Horie Yui.

There is a 4 page interview (monochrome pages) and 4 pages of color photos on Inoue Kikuko. There are two pictures of Kikuko wearing a white sweater top and very short pink mini skirt, and one picture of Kikuko wearing a China dress.

There is a one page color article on the Aa Megami-sama movie, with small pictures of Hisakawa Aya and Touma Yumi.

There is a 4 page photo collection of Asakawa Yuu.

The "in love station" corner, where they feature illustrated postcards sent in by the fans, had a small monochrome picture of the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen students: Nagai Nobuko, Tanabe Miri, Ohgoshi Tomoe, and Senoo Kumi.

The CD-ROM has seiyuu wallpapers (Horie Yui, Tamura Yukari, Asakawa Yuu), seiyuu interview (Kikuchi Masami) in real video format [350 kbps, around 9 minutes], promo vidoes (in real video format) of some of the upcoming AIC anime, and lots and lots of images and data from AIC anime.

In Kikuchi Masami's interview, he talks about doing the character Tenchi, and a little about what he would like to do in the third OAV series (if there is one).

There is even a real video of a CG Akari (from Daiundoukai) doing exercises (over 3 minutes). (^_^;

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