Ani Raji Grand Prix volume 8

アニラジグランプリ vol 8
Opt Communications
880 yen
released 1997.06.26

The cover has Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

6 pages on Sakurai Tomo, with lots of nice color pictures

24 pages of radio related event and recording reports, some one page, some half page (with color pictures).

  • 4 pages of Iwata Mitsuo, going to various events and radio shows during a one week period (lots of pictures of the various seiyuu he met along the way).
  • 1.5 pages on Super Ani Mega Hit top 10.
  • half page on Iwao Junko's seiyuu collection event (many small pictures from the event).
  • half page on Bay FM Voice Act Special Talk Show on 5/18, with Suzuki Masami and Sakamoto Maaya.
  • half page on Orikasa Ai's moonlight cafe event 5/31. (Natsuki Rio and Iwanaga Tetsuya were also there.)
  • 1 page on Otakki Sasaki's "The Deep Talk" event. On 4/27, Kikuchi Shiho and Sugawara Sachiko were guests. On 5/25, Kikuchi Shiho and Ikezawa Haruna were guests.
  • 2 pages on Nagasawa Miki's events
  • half page on Kouda Mariko's Game Museum public recording event, 5/28.
  • half page on Mitsuishi Kotono's Eberouge Densetsu public recording event, 4/26.
  • 1 page on Sakurai Tomo's recipe corner, where she eats something made by a professional cook, based on a listener's recipe. Some pictures of Tomo and the bento.
  • 1 page on TV Game Radions R, pictures of Toyoshima Machiko.

3 pages on new radio shows, with color pictures of the seiyuu.

  • Kingetsu Mami, Hikami Kyoko, Kanenaga Minori (Guu Choki Pa -Anige de Pon!-)
  • Matsuno Taiki, Kasahara Hiroko, Matsuura Yukiko (YAG Voice Voyage)
  • Kagurazaka Yuna, Yokoyama Chisa, Yuuri Cube, Takahashi Miki (Ojousama Denpa Yuna)
  • Ohtsuki Toshimichi, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Madono Mitsuaki, Ito Kentarou, Minami Omi (ZMAP no Lips Factory)
  • Kuwashima Houko (Club db Station)
  • Okui Masami (Makkun no EB Club)

"The Legend of Miyamu" stage 2. 1 page of many small color pictures, and 6 pages of text. (This is Miyamura Yuko's regular column.)

3 page interview with Sakurai Tomo. (monochrome pictures)

A color pullout poster of Sakurai Tomo.

A listing and information on all of the seiyuu related radio shows on the air now.

5 pages on the Dag On seiyuu bowling tournament. (small monochrome pictures) Koyasu Takehito, Touchika Kouichi, Kisaichi Atsushi, Nagasawa Miki, Egawa Hisao

6 pages on the history of TV Game Radions. (many small monochrome pictures) Toyoshima Machiko

1 page on Mizutani Yuko's Anime Tanteidan 2 radio show. (some small color pictures)

1 page on Sakamoto Maaya as "New Face" (large color picture)

lots of other articles too..

On page 158, there is a form to fill out to get a special CD single. It is some CD single commemorating the "Return of Hong Kong to China". It's the debut single of a "group" called Super Runabout, and the song is "Nan Ton Gzhi" (男同志). The members of Super Runabout are Yao Kazuki, Naitou Kan, and Takahashi Naozumi. There is another group called About Sisters, made up of Komori Manami, Takahashi Rika, Toyoshima Machiko, Nakagawa Akiko, and Yagida Maki, who are helping out with the chorus. The CD costs 1300 yen (money order from post office), must send in by 7/20.

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