Ani Raji Grand Prix volume 9

アニラジグランプリ vol 9
Opt Communications
880 yen
released 1997.08.26

The cover has Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子).

Unfortunately this issue doesn't have any information about the new radio shows starting in October. The next issue won't be coming out until the end of October, so it will be too late to catch all of the new programs.

Six pages of color pictures of Kouda Mariko

There are lots of one page and half page articles on radio show related events, with lots of little color pictures.

Princess Club public recording 1997.07.23, half page article with Kasahara Hiroko and Suzuki Masami.

Eberouge Densetsu public recording, half page article with Mitsuishi Kotono, Shiratori Yuri (short hair), and Toyoguchi Megumi.

Aaa Shin Tenchi public recording, half page with Takada Yumi (in sailor fuku!), Orikasa Ai (sailor fuku!), Iwao Junko, Kikuchi Masami, Iizuka Mayumi, and Mizuno Manabi.

Houkago Wonderclub public recording, half page with Ueda Yuuji, Omimura Mayuko, Iwata Mitsuo, and Ikoma Harumi.

Nowanchatte Say You public recording, one page with Akahori Satoru, Mizutani Yuko (various outfits), Miyamura Yuko (sailor fuku), Hikami Kyoko (sailor fuku, glasses, braids), Koorogi Satomi (sailor fuku), Imai Yuka (sailor fuku), Horiuchi Kenyuu, and Yamaguchi Kappei (kindergarten outfit).

Super Animega Hit Top 10 and Key event, one page with Iwao Junko, Sakurai Tomo, Shibahara Chiyako, and Nagasawa Miki.

Shiny Night recording, one page. Hisakawa Aya and staff went to the ocean in Chiba and did a recording there. Many pictures of Aya and staff, with Aya wearing a green yukata.

Aa Megami-sama radio recording, half page with Inoue Kikuko, Hisakawa Aya, and Touma Yumi.

Chou Kousoku Gran Doll event, half page with Iwao Junko and Ikezawa Haruna.

Voogie's Angel event, half page with Tange Sakura and Kikuchi Shiho.

Internet radio show, Marumie Net and Net Party, a quarter page each. Don Maccau, Ikezawa Haruna, and Toyoshima Machiko for Marumie Net, and Asada Yoko, Iwao Junko, and Omimura Mayuko for Net Party.

One page on Nakagawa Akiko's Lucky Farm.

One page on Anime Express, with Tomo eating a rice croquette, a recipe sent in by a listener.

One page on Iwata Mitsuo and Mieno Hitomi's radio show.

Two pages on Nagasawa Miki's radio show.

One page on Suu Chii radio station, with Takahashi Miki and Kanai Mika.

Half page on Hayashi Nobutoshi and Kasahara Rumi's new radio show.

Half page on Chiba Chiemi, Katsuragawa Chie, and Kojima Sachiko's new radio show.

Seven pages on "Legend of Miyamu", with color pictures of Miyamura Yuko.

Three page interview with Kouda Mariko, with monochrome pictures.

Folded pull-out poster of Kouda Mariko.

Information on all 120 radio shows.

Five pages monochrome on Weiss radio, with pictures of Koyasu Takehito, Miki Shinichirou, Yuuki Hiro, and Seki Tomokazu.

One page on Naminori Anime Journal, with color picture of Kuwashima Houko.

One page on Omimura Mayuko, with color picture.

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