Ani Raji Grand Prix volume 11

アニラジグランプリ vol 11
Opt Communications
880 yen
released 1997.12.26

The cover has a closeup picture of Iwao Junko (岩男潤子) in a kimono.

6 color pages on Iwao Junko. She's wearing a yarn hat with "cat ears", as she walks through the shrine area at Asakusa.

2 color pages on "Legend of Miyamu". Miyamura Yuko is beating up on Iwata Mitsuo.

Many articles on the new radio shows (starting in December or January?).

Half page on Yokoyama Chisa, with a color picture.

Half page on Mitsuishi Kotono, with a color picture.

Half page on Kingetsu Mami and Ishida Akira, with a color picture. (Gamers Attack, Nippon Housou, Saturday 21:00 - 21:30.)

Half page on Kingetsu Mami and C.N.N, with a color picture. C.N.N is a two person group (musicians) Hirama Akihiko and Masayo.

Half page on Hikami Kyoko and Tange Sakura, with a color picture. (Kadokawa Denpa Magazine "Dragon Tanteikyoku", 35 FM stations..)

Half page on Iwanaga Tetsuya and Okamura Akemi, with a color picture. (Kadokawa Denpa Magazine "Asuka -> Jam", 35 FM stations..)

Half page on Tominaga Miina, with a color picture. (Mi-na Dete Koi Koi, Tokyo FM, Mon - Thu 20:30 - 20:55.)

Half page on Kawana Midori, with a color picture.

Half page on Yoshida Konami, with a color picture. (Oh! What a Night, radio tanpa [shortwave?])

Half page on Kawakami Tomoko, with a color picture.

One page on Sugawara Sachiko cooking, with lots of little color pictures.

One page on Mieno Hitomi doing various things, with lots of little color pictures. She just turned 20 on December 21.

One page on Ikezawa Haruna, with a few color pictures.

Half page on Kouda Mariko, with some color pictures from the movie "Looking For".

Half page on Iwao Junko, with various pictures of Junko from Shou Comi Night. Junko wearing a kigurumi hat, and playing her keyboards.

One page on Seki Tomokazu, with some little color pictures.

Half page on Nakagawa Akiko, with some little color pictures.

One page on Kanemaru Junichi and Tange Sakura, with many color pictures.

Two pages on the "Radio Rom" CD-ROM series. Small pictures of Toyoshima Machiko (brunch), Yoshida Konami (morning), Natsuki Rio and Nagasawa Miki (lunch time), Minami Omi and Koorogi Satomi (tea time), Kanai Mika and Yuuki Hiro (night), and Hiramatsu Akiko (midnight). This is a monthly radio CD-ROM series starting in January. It will have the radio show, image files of the postcards and illustrations, pictures that the seiyuu took, and movie files.

One page on Onosaka Masaya and Omimura Mayuko, with lots of color pictures of them at a farm (with cows).

Half page on the Game Dra Night public recording, with color pictures. The guests were Nagasawa Miki and Matsumoto Yasunori. Closeup pictures of Hikami Kyoko and Koyasu Takehito, as well as a picture of them singing.

Half page on the AM Kobe Radio Festival event, with color pictures of Hayashibara Megumi, and other radio announcers.

One page on Orikasa Ai and Takada Yumi in Hokkaidou. Several color pictures of them eating and drinking.

Half page on the Ginga Ojousama Denpa Yuna public recording. Some small color pictures of Yokoyama Chisa, Takahashi Miki, Touma Yumi, and Minami Omi.

Half page on Hisakawa Aya's Shiny Night. Many small color pictures of Aya recording her new CD.

Half page on Iwao Junko on the all night nippon radio show. Many small pictures of Junko wearing a jeans jacket and doing the radio show. There's also a picture of junko playing the keyboards and singing.

Half page on Super Ani Mega Hit Top 10, with many small pictures of Iwao Junko.

Half page on Orikasa Ai's moonlight cafe event, with some color pictures.

4 pages on a talk among some radio personalities and staff, featuring Ikezawa Haruna, Kikuchi Shiho, Otakki Sasaki, and other staff. One large color picture (group shot), and the rest is printed on monochrome pages.

4 page (monochrome) column "Pictureland Club" with Kanemaru Junichi and Tange Sakura. Lots of little monochrome pictures.

A color, pull-out poster of Iwao Junko.

3 page interview with Iwao Junko, with monochrome pictures.

A listing of all 121 anime/game/seiyuu radio program, with information and tiny monochrome pictures.

1 page on Dengeki Taishou with several color pictures of Ishikawa Hideo and Nagashima Yuko. Hideo is wearing a female bunny suit..

1 page on Matsuzawa Yumi, with a large color picture.

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