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  • Ani Raji Grand Prix volume 12

    NONE アニラジグランプリ vol 12
    Opt Communications
    880 yen
    released 1998.02.26

    The cover has a picture of Ogata Megumi.

    6 color pages, with lots of pictures, on Ogata Megumi.

    1 color page, with many little pictures, on Tominaga Miina.

    event reports, recording reports

    2 color pages, with lots of little pictures, on the "Yukutoshi Kurutoshi 97-98 Yumemiru Chikara" special broadcast at the end of 1997. Also at that time, there was an event at the Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou. Pictures of Iwao Junko, Tanaka Mayumi, Chiba Shigeru, Yao Kazuki, Toyoguchi Megumi, Ikezawa Haruna, Omimura Mayuko.

    2 color pages, with several group shot pictures, of the "Pori Kero Ultra Bounenkai Special" radio show. Pictures of Akahori Satoru, Mizutani Yuko, Ueda Yuuji, Matsumoto Yasunori, Matsui Naoko, Suzuki Masami, Tange Sakura, Takahashi Miki, Iizuka Mayumi, Toyoguchi Megumi, Komori Manami.

    1 color page on a "V station" special radio show. Pictures of Iwata Mitsuo, Toyoshima Machiko, Iizuka Mayumi, Kouda Mariko, Komori Manami, Kuwashima Houko.

    2 color pages on a different "V station" special live radio show. Looks like there was an event tie in too. Pictures of Kimura Akiko, Iwata Mitsuo, Mieno Hitomi, Kawasumi Ayako, Iizuka Mayumi, Kouda Mariko, Komori Manami, Takahashi Naozumi, Kuwashima Houko, Miyamura Yuko.

    1 color page on the Multi Tengoku and Radio True Love Story event. (1997.12.16) Pictures of Yokoyama Chisa, Ikezawa Haruna, Toyoguchi Megumi, Kikuchi Shiho, Nishimura Chinami (in a kigurumi), Iwata Mitsuo, Ishikawa Hideo, Yamaguchi Kappei, Mizutani Yuko.

    1 color page on the Shinmichike no Hitobito event. (1997.12.20) Pictures of Iwao Junko, Ishida Akira, Hikami Kyoko, Nozawa Masako, Genda Tessho.

    1 color page on Iwao Junko and Souguchi Akihisa's Super Animega Hit top 10. Pictures of Iwao Junko, Matsuzawa Yumi, and Tominaga Miina.

    Half color page on Hidaka Noriko's special one hour radio show.

    Half color page on Kimura Akiko's Basara Night event.

    Half color page on Gerugeto Shocking Center event. Pictures of Omimura Mayuko, Tange Sakura, Nakama Yukie.

    Half color page on the Neochupi radio show event. Pictures of Ikoma Harumi and Kamiya Keiko, both wearing santa outfits.

    Half color page on Chou Kidou Housou Anige Master. Pictures of Ikezawa Haruna, Kikuchi Shiho, Nagano Ai, and Kawasumi Ayako.

    Half color page on Shou Comi Night, with pictures from the event at the Jisedai World Hobby Fair show. Many small pictures of Iwao Junko.

    Half color page on Animetopia R, with pictures of Higuchi Chieko and Mitsuhashi Kanako.

    Half color page on Kusao Takeshi's radio show.

    Half color page on Komori Manami's radio show.

    2 color pages on Nakagawa Akiko's radio show.

    1 color page on Shou Comi Night, with pictures of Iwao Junko in a kangaroo kigurumi.

    1 color page on Ikezawa Haruna's radio show.

    1 color page on the movie "Looking For", with color pictures of the main actors. (Kouda Mariko, and others)

    1 color page on the RadioROM CD-ROM series, with pictures of Nagasawa Miki and Natsuki Rio.

    new radio shows

    Half page on Matsumoto Rica's radio show (large close up picture).

    Half page on Yamazaki Tohru and Kumai Motoko's radio show.

    Half page on Game Game Party (Shimakata Junko).

    monochrome pages

    5 pages of articles on the directors of various seiyuu radio shows.

    5 page column by Miyamura Yuko.

    5 pages by Shocker Ohno and Komori Manami.

    4 page column by Tange Sakura and Kanemaru Jun'ichi. (many monochrome pictures)

    A pull-out color pinup of Ogata Megumi.

    3 page interview with Ogata Megumi

    An index of all 121 seiyuu related radio shows on the air. Each show has a quarter page, with a tiny monochrome picture, and a simple description of the show. It also gives the address to send the letters.

    color pages

    1 page on Mieno Hitomi, with lots of small polaroid pictures. The guest was Sakamoto Maaya.

    1 page on Anikin Freedom, with color pictures of Yamaguchi Kappei and Okamoto Maya.

    1 page on Taniyama Kishou.

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