Ani Raji Grand Prix 20

Ani Raji Grand Prix 20

Opt Communications
released 1999.06.26
920 yen

The cover has Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿) and Miyamura Yuko (¼ͥ).

6 color pages on Machiko and Yuko (mostly pictures, hardly any text).

4 color pages (pictures and interview) on Ikezawa Haruna, Nagasawa Miki, Konishi Hiroko, and Otacky Sasaki (director of radio shows).

4 color pages (pictures and interview) on Onosaka Masaya, Seki Tomokazu, Koyasu Takehito, and Kawaguchi Yasumi (director of radio shows).

2 color pages on Ikezawa Haruna, Hikami Kyoko, and Tanaka Rie.

2 color pages on Miki Shinichirou and Kawasumi Ayako.

2 color pages on Mieno Hitomi and friends (Iwata Mitsuo).

1 color page on Nakagawa Akiko and Nasu Megumi's Magical Egg he Youkoso. The guests were Seki Tomokazu and Iizuka Mayumi.

1/2 color page on a charity event in Kyoto (4/29), with Sugawara Sachiko as a guest. Many small pictures.

1/2 color page on Kawana Midori and Omimura Mayuko's event at the Eggman (5/4). Many small pictures.

1/2 color page on Aaa Shin Tenchi, with pictures of Takada Yumi, Orikasa Ai, and Mizuno Manabi. Manabi is wearing a sailor fuku.

1/2 color page on Vect Riders radio, with pictures of Nagasawa Miki and Enomoto Atsuko.

1/2 color page on Yao Kazuki and Onosaka Masaya's radio shows. Also pictures of Momoi Haruko and Nishimura Chinami.

1/2 color page on Arishima Moyu and Matsuno Taiki's radio show.

1/2 color page on Neochupi, with many small pictures of Ikoma Harumi and Kamitani Keiko.

1/2 color page on Nakagawa Akiko's Lucky Farm. Akiko is wearing a jersey of Japan's national soccer team.

1/2 color page on the Triangle Session CD, with small pictures of Iizuka Mayumi, Yamamoto Maria, and Enomoto Atsuko.

1/2 color page on the Game Walker Net Saturday event that took place on 5/8 at the Sunshine Funsui Hiroba. Small pictures of Toyoshima Machiko and Don Maccau.

1/4 color page on Mizutani Yuko's Anime Tanteidan 2 radio show. Her 450th broadcast took place in May, and the guest was Koyasu Takehito.

1/4 color page on Kuwashima Houko's club db radio show. Her 100th broadcast took place in May.

1/4 color page on Seki Tomokazu and Nagasawa Miki's radio big bang. They chose two new seiyuu for new roles, and the ones chosen were Kamo Mariko (16 years old) and Iikura Tomoko (19 years old).

2 color pages on Kasahara Hiroko's concert.

A big article where some seiyuu talk about radio shows. One monochrome page each: Kingetsu Mami, Seki Toshihiko, Mizutani Yuko, Yuuki Hiro, Tanaka Mayumi.

4 monochrome pages on Kouda Mariko's game museum.

4 monochrome pages (interview) on Toyoshima Machiko and Miyamura Yuko.

4 monochrome pages (script) on the 1999.05.08 broadcast of club db, with some pictures of Kuwashima Houko.

4 monochrome pages (script) on the 1999.06.06 broadcast of Kururun Daihousou, with pictures of Kawana Midori and Omimura Mayuko.

1/2 monochrome page column by Hiramatsu Akiko.

1/2 monochrome page column by Toyoshima Machiko.

1/2 monochrome page column by Omimura Mayuko.

5 monochrome pages on Kanemaru Junichi and Tange Sakura's pictureland club. This is the final one.

Information on the 117 anime radio shows on air now.

1 color page on Miyamura Yuko.

1 color page on Kawakami Tomoko.

1 color page on Nakagawa Akiko and Nasu Megumi.

1 color page on Enomoto Atsuko (ani raji kai no new face).

The telephone card present this issue is the cover of issue 19, with a picture of Tange Sakura and Kuwashima Houko. 1200 yen each, and the cut off date is 7/31.

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