Asagei Secret Vol.09

Asa Gei Secret (ݥå) Vol.09
on sale 2010.08.10
550 yen

[the following only contains seiyuu information]

This magazine has a 3 page photo article on female seiyuu, featuring over 10 seiyuu who are "cuter than idols". Many of the photos are "sexy" shots of legs, breasts, and such.

There is also 1 page of "before and after" photos of idol seiyuu.

Some of the seiyuu featured are as follows. Horie Yui (ٹͳ), Hirano Aya (ʿ), Nonaka Ai (), Tamura Yukari (¼椫), Kobayashi Yuu (Ӥ椦), Mizuki Nana (ࡹ), Tomatsu Haruka (;), Asumi Kana (), Toyoguchi Megumi, Fukui Yukari, Takahashi Mikako (ⶶ»).

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