AX November 2000

AX Magazine November 2000
on sale 2000.10.10
690 yen

seiyuu information

The movie files (mpeg-1) on the CD-ROM are as follows.

file contents
AVSEQ02 Cosmo X (Seki Tomokazu, Nagasawa Miki), around 13 minutes
AVSEQ03 Starbows clip and interview (Morikubo Shoutarou), around 10 minutes
AVSEQ04 Megami-sama theme interview (Nishibata Saori), around 3 minutes
a 1 minute video clip of Aa Megami-sama
AVSEQ05 Flower Children talk (Yokoyama Chisa, Toyoguchi Megumi), 3 minutes
AVSEQ06 DiGi Charat Fantasy, a "Welcome To" music video clip, around 1:30, has images of Digiko without her maid costume and other unknown characters
AVSEQ07 Blood animation clip, around 1 minute
AVSEQ08 Miami Guns animation clip, narration by Tanaka Rie, around 3:50
AVSEQ09 Barco Delsol animation clip, around 40 seconds,
interview with the director, around 3 minutes
AVSEQ10 GAGA animation clip, around 2 minutes
AVSEQ11 GTO animation clip, around 20 seconds
seiyuu interview (Takagi Wataru, Orikasa Fumiko), around 2:30

There are also two Hand Maid May wall papers, images (jpegs) provided in various sizes.

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