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  • AX January 20001

    AX Magazine January 2001
    on sale 2000.12.10
    690 yen

    seiyuu information

    The cover is a very nice fold-out cover of Digi Charat.

    There are 581 MB of movie files on the CD-ROM. The movie files (mpeg-1) are as follows.

    file contents
    AVSEQ01 promo video for anime "With You", 3:30
    AVSEQ02 interview with Saitou Nozomi for Idol Deka, 7:00
    some of the Kira Melo girls appear, as they show clips from various Idol Deka episodes. short interview with Takase Noriko.
    AVSEQ03 promo video for live action "Jack Geist", 1:30
    AVSEQ04 promo video for live action "Rainbow Kamen", 2:00
    AVSEQ05 promo video for anime "Chikyuu Boueikazoku", 1:30
    AVSEQ06 Kakazu Yumi at the Vandread after recording, Ayashi no Ceres after recording, 2:30
    AVSEQ07 Flower Children (Yokoyama Chisa, Toyoguchi Megumi) talking about their latest CD, 3:00
    AVSEQ08 after recording of Malice@Doll, interview with Yamada Yukie, 3:00
    AVSEQ09 Voice Arena 2000, talk by Genda Tessho and Horiuchi Kenyuu, 1:30
    AVSEQ10 talk among the members of the band Rose, including Minami Omi, 6:00
    AVSEQ11 advertisement of the Juubei-chan novel by Daichi Akitarou, 1:00
    AVSEQ12 Hunter x Hunter interview by Takeuchi Junko, she interviews the music director Hiramitsu Takuya, 3:00
    AVSEQ13 advertisement for manga video, Taima Shin, 5:30
    AVSEQ14 advertisement for Game Boy Color Grandia, 1:00
    AVSEQ15 clips from the Cosmo X event, with Seki Tomokazu, 1:00
    AVSEQ16 talk by Sanada Asami and Hikami Kyoko about the upcoming Digi Charat Christmas Special broadcast on 12/16 and the Digi Charat concert in March, 3:00
    AVSEQ17 talk by directors of Bio Hazard 4D Executor, 4:00
    AVSEQ18 Suzukawa Eriko and Yokoyama Minako, the two cosplay image girls for Miami Guns, and the director talks about Miami Guns, 5:00
    AVSEQ19 advertisement for Aibo 2nd Generation, 0:45

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