AX June 2001

AX Magazine June 2001
on sale 2001.05.10
880 yen

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The June 2001 issue of AX comes with a DVD, containing 65 minutes of movies. There are special news movies, anime and game movies, seiyuu topics movies, and drama and cinema movies.

In the special news section, there is a 2 minute movie on Adachi Rieko, when she was at the Idol Card Show. There is also a 6 minute movie by Kakazu Yumi, teaching 3D CG.

In the seiyuu topics section, there is a 1 minute movie by Kakazu Yumi, a 5 minute movie by Takahashi Mikako, and short movies of Ikezawa Haruna, Tamagawa Sakiko, Hiramatsu Akiko, Nara Saori, Miura Rieko, and Kouguchi Kana.

In the anime and game section, there are many promo movies of various anime, including the Aa Megami-sama movie.

In then drama and cinema section, there are some promo movies and comments by idols.

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