AX July 2001

AX Magazine July 2001
on sale 2001.06.10
880 yen

seiyuu information

The July 2001 issue of AX magazine comes with a DVD, containing 65 minutes of movies. There are four sections to the DVD: anime/game promo clips, SFX movie news, seiyuu talk, and drama/cinema clips.

In the seiyuu talk section, there are clips by the following.

  • Takeuchi Junko - Hunter Hunter magazine
  • Kakazu Yumi - birthday CD will come out on 6/20, and she will have a birthday event on 6/24
  • Yamaguchi Kappei
  • Ikezawa Haruna
  • Shimizu Kaori, Ihata Juri, Shitaya Noriko - three girls cosplaying as their character in the anime Alien 9. The image CDs will go on sale 6/21.
  • Iizuka Mayumi - Chance Triangle Session
  • Yamamoto Maria - Chance Triangle Session
  • Enomoto Atsuko - Chance Triangle Session
  • Suzuki Chihiro, Asano Masumi - Dangaio
  • Kawasumi Ayako - Dangaio

In the drama/cinema clips section, there are clips for the following.

  • Cosmo X - some clips of the live action show at Kourakuen, and interviews of the actresses in the live action drama. Fukui Yukari, Takagi Azusa, Mikuni Yuna, Matsumoto Chiyomi, and Seki Tomokazu appear.
  • Ike! Rainbow Kamen - this is the drama that will start inside the Shinryaku Housou Pandretta.
  • Mighty Agent - four sexy girls fighting.

Until the previous issue, AX magazine used to be square bound. But this issue is bound (and stapled) like a normal magazine.

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