AX August 2001

AX Magazine August 2001
on sale 2001.07.10
880 yen

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The August 2001 issue of AX comes with a DVD, containing 70 minutes of movies. There are special news movies, anime and game movies, seiyuu topics movies, and drama and cinema movies.

In the special news section, there is a 5 minute talk on the movie Ariite Hime with Kuwashima Houko. There is also a 3 minute talk on Dangaioh with Suzuki Chihiro, Kawasumi Ayako, Asano Masumi, and Mizuno Manabi.

In the seiyuu topics section, there is a 5 minute Hunter Hunter talk by Takeuchi Junko. There is also a 1 minute talk by Kakazu Yumi, and 3 minute talk by Takahashi Mikako. There are also short messages by Tamura Yukari, Iizuka Mayumi, Matsuki Miyu, Tanaka Mayumi, Chiba Shigeru, and Ikezawa Haruna.

In the drama and cinema section, there is a 6 minute clip on the new Sailor Moon musical with the new Sailor Moon, Kuroki Marina (12 years old).

There is also a 3 minute clip on Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker. There is a report on the Cartoonist event in France, with many scenes of Amano Megumi. At the end, there is a short message by Megumi, Miku, and Mieko, Wecker DVD is on sale.

In the magazine itself, there is a two page monochrome article on the Cartoonist event that took place in France (2001.04.27 to 2001.04.29). There are a few small monochrome pictures of Amano Megumi in France.

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