AX October 2001

AX Magazine October 2001
on sale 2001.09.10
880 yen

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The October 2001 issue of AX comes with a DVD, containing 55 minutes of movies. There are special news movies, anime movies, game movies, and seiyuu topics movies.

In the seiyuu topics section, there are movies of Kakazu Yumi, Koyasu Takehito (on the revival of Weiss), Tada Aoi, Mizuno Manabi, Yamamoto Maria and Ishida Yoko (on Chicchana Yuki Tsukai Sugar), Ikezawa Haruna, Kimura Ikue and Nogawa Sakura (about Real Bout High School).

In the special news section, there is a movie of Cosmo X, with Seki Tomokazu. There is also a movie of Kakazu Yumi, teaching 3D CG (final one of the series).

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