AX November 2001

AX Magazine November 2001
on sale 2001.10.10
880 yen

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The November 2001 issue of AX comes with a DVD, containing about one hour of movies. There are special news movies, anime movies, game movies, and seiyuu topics movies.

In the seiyuu topics section, there are movies of Takeuchi Junko, Kakazu Yumi, Takahashi Mikako, and Becky (with Yamadera Kouichi).

In the special news section, there is a movie of "Ike! Rainbow Kamen" featuring Matsumoto Chiyomi.

In the magazine itself, there is a two page article containing a talk between Yamadera Kouichi and Becky (an idol).

There are two pages of very small articles (and color photos) of recent seiyuu events and after recording reports (group photos of the seiyuu cast). There is a small, but fairly decent photo of Nogawa Sakura, who sings the ED to the anime "Tenshi no Shippo".

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