B-Magazine 1998 May

NONE 電撃ビーマガジン
May 1998

Media Works
on sale 1998.04.10
680 yen
comes with CD-ROM

The cover has Sugihara Manami, Matsuoka Chie, Nanase Yuu, and Endou Akira (from Sentimental Journey).

This is a new magazine covering anime, manga, games, special effects (super heros), and such. The first three issues will come with a CD-ROM.

The magazine itself is just like other anime magazines, except maybe it has more color (this is issue 1 so it might have more than normal).

There is some seiyuu coverage too. But not as much as AnimeV.

There is even some detailed coverage of ecchi anime, with a "timeline" giving the ecchiness percentage at the various times of the OAVs.

There is a color article on Sentimental Journey, with full page pictures of the first four characters (in the TV series): Akira, Chie, Yuu, and Manami. There is also a very small picture of the seiyuu for these characters (Urarako, Chizu, Yuka, and Machiko).

There is a two page article on Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala. Several pictures from the TV show, and two pictures of Ohmori Reiko, who does the voice of the main character. Reiko (born 1984.03.21 in Chiba).

There is a two page article on Weiss Kreuz, and a picture of the four seiyuu: Yuuki Hiro, Koyasu Takehito, Seki Tomokazu, and Miki Shinichirou.

Lots and lots more articles on the new TV series of this spring.

A half page article on Sendai Eri (second year high school student seiyuu), with a nice color picture.

One page article on Seki Tomokazu and Mitsuishi Kotono, with many color pictures.

There is also a color picture of Bill MacPhee! (half page interview article, page 149) Bill says, "There's a limit to the amount of policing he can do on the Internet (against those who violate copyrights).." (^_^;;) There are pictures of some AIC anime that has been released in English.

The CD-ROM has the following.

  • 640x480 or 1280x960 images of Manami, Chie, Akira, Yuu (very nice pictures, new pictures! not the same ones that have been used all the time)
  • interviews with Machiko, Chizu, Urarako, Yuka, Kaoru (each interview is around 2 minutes.. the quality of quicktime files doesn't seem too good.)
    Kaoru = Watanabe Kaoru, the singer of the SJ OP and ED
  • a 360 degree rotating catalog of Gundam models, and other figures (you can click and rotate the picture of the models. there are figures of Belldandy, Ichino, Lum, Shinobu..)
  • icons and image files of Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album characters
  • some stuff on Spawn

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