B-Magazine 1998 June

NONE 電撃ビーマガジン
June 1998

Media Works
on sale 1998.05.10
680 yen
comes with CD-ROM

The cover has a character from Silent Moebius.

Full color articles on some of the current TV shows, Silent Moebius, Akihabara Dennougumi, Outlaw Star, Naska, Trigun, Initial D.

Articles on some OAVs, Yokohama Kaimono Kikou, Daiundoukai.

Articles on the various manga and the anime that were created from them.

Articles on games, Gaogaigar (PS game coming out end of 1998), Gun Griffon II (SS game on sale now), Utena (SS game on sale 5/28), Bakken Roader (SS game going on sale in the summer), Dragon Force II (SS game on sale now).

A half page article on Hayashibara Megumi's event where she announced her wedding. There is one picture of Megumi in a wedding dress.

A small article on Yokohama Kaimono Kikou, with a small picture of Shiina Hekiru and Nakagawa Akiko.

A small article on Toyoshima Machiko's To Heart radio show.

A five page article on Sentimental Journey, with full page pictures of Kaho, Wakana, Rurika, and Asuka. There is also a very small picture of the seiyuu for these characters (Yukiko, Michiko, Hiromi, and Asami).

A half page article on Shibuya de Chu, with a color picture of Omimura Mayuko.

A half page article on Sendai Eri, with a color picture.

3 page article on Miyamura Yuko, with color pictures.

2 page article on Studio Pierrot.

10 pages on models and figures, lots of pictures.

The CD-ROM has the following.

  • 640x480 or 1280x960 images of Kaho, Wakana, Rurika, Asuka. (very nice pictures, new pictures! not the same ones that have been used all the time)
  • interviews with Yukiko, Michiko, Hiromi, and Asami. (each interview is around 2 minutes.. the quality of quicktime files doesn't seem too good.)
  • interview with Mizuno Manabi (quicktime file) where she talks about her solo radio show.
  • a 360 degree rotating catalog of Gundam models, and other figures (you can click and rotate the picture of the models. there are figures of Belldandy in wedding dress, Nukunuku..)
  • icons and image files of Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album characters
  • some stuff on Spawn

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