Bubble Gum Crisis

B-Club Film Comic Bubble Gum Crisis
ISBN 4-89189-340-0
980 yen
released 1988.03.10
A5 size

This book is a film comic containing the first three Bubble Gum Crisis OAVs (Bubble Gum Crisis, Born to Kill, Blow Up). The film comic part has both color and monochrome pages.

There is also an 8 page color interview (actually a conversation between the four seiyuu) of the four main seiyuu. There are many color photos of Sakakibara Yoshiko (縶ɻ), Ohmori Kinuko, Tomizawa Michie (ҷ), Hiramatsu Akiko (ʿ).

The seiyuu are at a restaurant, eating and drinking.

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